Lancaster Bible College President Inspires and Challenges Readers to Level Up Their Leadership in the New Year.

LANCASTER, PA, December 19, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dr. Tommy Kiedis, a seasoned leader in higher education and church ministry, has released his latest book, “Forging Your Leadership Heart: Thirty-One Days to Greater Wisdom, Influence, and Resilient Joy.” This devotional challenge is designed to cultivate the heart of a leader through a unique blend of scriptural insights, thought-provoking messages, and practical action assignments.

Drawing inspiration from the leadership style of King David and other biblical figures, Dr. Kiedis guides readers on a 31-day journey to deepen their integrity, wisdom, and joy in leadership. Each day offers an opportunity to engage with Scripture, reflect on core leadership values, and apply the lessons with a challenge exercise to help these truths take root.

The book is structured around six key themes, each focusing on a specific aspect of a leader’s heart: Dependence, Resilience, Humility, Boldness, Wisdom, and Contentment. Dr. Kiedis uses his extensive studies and personal experiences to forge these qualities in leaders, emphasizing the importance of a Christ-like heart at the core of effective leadership.

“I chose the term ‘forging’ intentionally,” explains Tommy Kiedis. “Just as a blacksmith shapes metal through heat and hammering, leaders must actively shape their character and heart. This book is an invitation to the blacksmith’s workshop where leaders can be molded for God’s purposes in all areas of life.”

Dr. Tommy Kiedis, President of Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School, brings his vast experience and insightful leadership principles to this book, making it an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to enhance their leadership skills with a heart-centered approach.

Availability: “Forging Your Leadership Heart” is available for purchase at

Tommy Kiedis is a seasoned leader and thinker, whose insights are forged on the anvil of diverse experiences in higher education, church ministry, and family life. As the President of Lancaster Bible College Capital Seminary & Graduate School, Tommy’s influence extends beyond the College as he helps leaders maximize and multiply their lives for God’s glory. His Christ-centered, life-tested principles encourage, inspire, and equip others to reach their full leadership potential. Tommy cherishes a 43-year marriage with his wife, Shannan. They are grateful to God for their six children, their spouses, and twenty-five grandchildren. More information about Dr. Kiedis or his blogs, podcast, and teaching materials can be found at

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