Family of five writes comic book and launches new company, Haphazard Nation, during pandemic.

MANSFIELD, TX, May 18, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Chrystal and Ivan Baeza, together with their three young adult children, successfully launched a business and produced a comic book during the pandemic. Haphazard Nation began as a fun project for the family to work on during the months when they were thrown together at home for most of the day; it soon turned into an exciting business endeavor.

As COVID restrictions found both parents working from home, together with their two teenage sons and college-graduate daughter, understandable frustrations began to surface. Unable to meet up with friends in person, the Baeza’s teenage sons started hanging out with their school friends on Fortnite and Twitch for countless hours of gaming and tournaments. As the two sons were regularly gaming through to the early hours of the morning, parents Chrystal and Ivan decided to redirect their skills and energies into a creative project.

“One day back in February we decided to talk to our boys about their gaming habits and called one of our infamous family meetings,” says Morado LLC President Chrystal Baeza. “To our surprise, the conversation evolved, and we somehow decided to start a company. We created a story surrounding the boys’ gamer tag names and Haphazard was born.”

Haphazard Nation has published a comic book, Haphazard – The Explosion, and also markets a range of t-shirts, hoodies, and other accessories. A website was designed and launched and the family business took off. What started as something fun – and different – to do when the pandemic forced extended hours of “family time,” has evolved into an ongoing enterprise. All of the stories and characters in the comic books are approved by the Baeza children, while the characters are based on the boys’ gamer tag names.

“We wouldn’t change the last year for anything. Focus on the positive, they say…,” says Chrystal.

Visit Haphazard’s site to purchase a copy of the book for just $2.99, or any of the other available merchandise.

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