The competition runs through August 31, 2021. Prizes will be awarded to 10 contestants and the top ten videos will be featured on the MUSIC SECRETS EXPOSED website and social media outlets

WILMINGTON, NC, July 03, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Sylvia Moran of Music Secrets Exposed has announced that the 2021 Musical Change Maker competition is now open for entries.

Throughout history we have seen that music can change the world. In the Internet environment those changes can happen at lightning speed as today, nearly everyone everywhere is connected. It does not matter if it is mental health, violence, suicide, health issues or anything else in the world. The goal behind the Musical Change Maker competition is to help musicians of every kind, at any level, use music to make a difference and to make conversations happen. The competition is a calling to all musical souls with a life purpose driven destiny that will allow musicians to make their mark in the world.

The Musical Changer Maker competition, sponsored by Music Secrets Exposed, is designed to give musicians the chance to explain what their ideas are to make that change.

All submissions require relevant details and a Youtube music link. The top ten videos will be featured on the Music Secrets Exposed website and social media outlets.

The First Place Winner will receive a special Music Secrets Exposed webinar entry and discounted vouchers for musical instrument and equipment of choice vouchers.

Entry can be made by solo artists or groups. Create the musical video for the cause you support together with translated lyrics and submissions, not in English.

No entrance fee or purchase is required. The MSE Contest (“Contest”) is designed for creating an avenue for musically making that change, powered with dynamic compositions, lyrics and rhythm. Entrants submit their musical video for a cause they support

The Top 10 Finalists will have entries uploaded to the Music Secrets Exposed website and shared on all relevant social media sites to boost their fundraising mission and receive discount vouchers for instruments of their choice

The First Place Winner will get a consultation with musical experts in their chosen genre and entrance to free MSE webinar sessions.

By participating in the MSE changemakers competition, entrants agree that they are bound by Official Rules and Sponsor’s decisions which are final and binding.

The Contest submission period begins at 12:00 a.m. E.S.T. on June 1st 2021, and ends at 11:59 p.m. E.S.T. on Aug 31, 2021.

Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place competitors and 7 runners up. Also included in the prize lineup will be a “surprise gift of a lifetime”. Full details are available at the website at

“Over the years music has been a personal passion as well as a privilege to share,” Moran stated. “I have seen how music creates emotion and motivation for change in society as well as in people’s personal lives. I am sponsoring this competition so as to facilitate an opportunity for novice, intermediate and lower advanced musicians to use their developing talents in a way to help others.”

Moran heads up Music Secrets Exposed, a blog that offers ideas, tips and tricks for developing musicians in the achievement of their dream sound. She has been a music tutor for 20 years, tutoring all ages in both piano and music theory. She is a firm believer in a one on one detailed approach, building relationships with students and helping to foster their musical growth. Her mission is to inspire, motivate and encourage a new generation of musicians. She hopes to give a voice to those who are less confident and who wish to explore their own musical dream sound, and to call out those who want to commit to the work involved to achieve their musical dreams.

Music Secrets Exposed offers one on one instruction. Classes fall into three primary categories: Weekly piano classes, music theory classes and Special classes, all offered remotely.

Sylvia is the author of ‘Getting Into Tune With Music Theory’. Many amateur musicians sigh at the thoughts of studying music theory as part of their musical training. However, tutors all over the world and music professionals alike agree that it is a vital component to include in music study. In her book, available in ebook formats, readers learn why music theory should be included as part of a well rounded musical education. The book is also available as an audio book.

Sylvia Moran is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at [email protected]. Information on the Musical Change Maker Competition is available at The ebook and Audio book versions of ‘Getting Into Tune With Music Theory is available at Amazon and other book retailers. Information on classes and personalized instruction is available at and

About Sylvia Moran:

Sylvia Moran is an inspiring and passionate music tutor with 20 years of experience. She specializes in one on one instruction in both piano and music theory. She resides in Ireland.

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