A newly published book demonstrates the conceptual flaw in the drug-based approach to healthcare, which is the inadvertent cause of the Covid-19 pandemic.

BRISTOL, ENGLAND, May 17, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The book demonstrates that most drugs are designed to chemically block the normal function of healthy aspects of the body, in an attempt to conceal symptoms. In the process, they also accidentally block the main organs from working normally, which is what produces most adverse effects and prevents the patient from ever returning to full health.

Some branches of natural healing work by returning the organs to normal function, which clears all symptoms and produces a genuine cure; whereas the drug-based approach has no ability to return an organ to normal function. This ability simply does not exist within its culture. This is why it was unable to treat a simple respiratory condition, such as Covid-19. In contrast, natural healing would return the lungs and kidneys to normal function, enabling the patient to recover as they would from a common cold.

The book demonstrates the natural healing approach to most conditions, and this is compared to the drug-based approach, including the fraudulent conduct of drug companies in concealing harms, manipulating data, and making false claims for their drugs to boost sales at the expense of world health.

Ironically, the book shows that a 2,000 year old medical system is far more scientific, effective, and genuinely evidence based than today’s mainstream healthcare.

For many decades, mainstream healthcare has relied on a misguided, inept and increasingly fraudulent approach. It is this medical ineptitude that was the cause of the Covid pandemic, yet the media has yet to focus on this aspect. And to people within this medical system, their training has rendered natural healing incomprehensible to them. But the Covid pandemic is a loud wakeup call for all.

“Why Drugs and Vaccines Don’t Work: the science behind natural healing, and the fraud behind mainstream healthcare” by Fletcher Kovich, is published by CuriousPages Publishing.

Fletcher Kovich works as a traditional acupuncture practitioner and researcher. He developed and tested the intelligent tissue theory, which, for the first time, scientifically explains how acupuncture works to correct organ malfunctions.

A pdf of the book is available to the press, for review purposes, together with further resources, at www.curiouspages.com/wdvpress

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