A company’s reputation hinges on providing good service to its customers.

PHOENIX, AZ, July 24, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The CEO of CarGuard, Trevor Smith, has taken his company from an idea to a large corporation. One of the main reasons Smith believes his company has seen such success is because of how much value he puts into good customer service. He wants customers to feel peace of mind when they register for a vehicle protection plan.

A lot of customers have left reviews for CarGuard Trevor Smith and his superior customer service. That is why he decided to share some of those customer service tips with us today.

CarGuard Trevor Smith Explains Why Customer Service Is Crucial

No matter how amazing a product or service is, if the level of customer service is anything less than excellent, it’s not going to see a profit. People have options of where they can spend their money, and they don’t want to spend a dime where they aren’t treated properly.

While it’s important to make sure the customer is happy with the product or service, it’s more important to go above their expectations. Creating a memorable experience for the customer is actually the start to creating a long-lasting relationship with that customer.

CarGuard Trevor Smith Shares His Tips For Exceptional Customer Service

All companies need to focus on making sure their customers have a good experience from the moment they decide to visit that establishment. No matter what the business is selling, poor customer service will kill all chances for success. Nobody knows good customer service as well as CarGuard Trevor Smith, and here are some of his tips:

Know What’s Being Sold

Every employee working in the establishment should know the products or services like the back of their hands. It’s important to know the product well in order to answer any questions the customer may have. However, that’s not the only reason. Knowing the product well gives the customers the impression that it’s worth it. If the staff believes in the product, so will they.

Be Genuinely Nice

From the moment the customer enters the door, they should receive a kind greeting. If a customer walks in to see a smiling face and receives a “Hello” or “How are you today?” they will automatically feel more comfortable. Always be friendly and attentive to the customers, but never do it in a forced manner. They should feel as though the staff is happy to see them.

Be Attentive

Having a quick response is just as important as being friendly. Many customers don’t want to wait around and will leave the establishment with a bad impression if they weren’t serviced in a timely manner. While most people can understand when a business is busy, they won’t be happy if they are waiting while employees are talking or stocking shelves instead of helping them.

Problem Solvers

Problems are likely to arrive, even ones the business is not prepared for. It’s important to make sure everyone on the team is trained to solve their customers’ problems. This is one thing that is unavoidable in every business, so it’s important that everyone is creative with this process.

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