Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew measured and offset its 2020 carbon footprint
and is working to reduce future emissions

FAIRBORN, OH, April 22, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — In response to the urgency of the climate crisis, Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew, which produces cold brew beverages, at home cold brew kits, and cold brew gear is proud to announce that it is officially Climate Neutral Certified. Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew joins 229 other brands (230 brands total) that have earned the standard by measuring and offsetting all their 2020 carbon emissions and reducing future emissions.

Climate Neutral Certified is the leading consumer label designating carbon neutrality. It is carried by brands that have voluntarily stepped up to take responsibility for the greenhouse gas emissions generated in the production, operations, and shipping of their goods and services.

“Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew is proud to be Climate Neutral Certified, as it ties directly to one of our core company values: respect. Respecting the environment is a key driver in our business decisions and showcasing this through offsetting our 54 metric tons carbon dioxide footprint from last year was an easy decision,” says James Mowery, President of Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew. Action plans are in place to further reduce the carbon dioxide footprint over the next 2 years primarily through capital investment of energy efficient equipment and alternative power sources.

“Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew and our other Climate Neutral Certified brands are leading the global shift to a net-zero economy by doing what all companies should be doing immediately: measuring, offsetting, and reducing their carbon emissions,” says Climate Neutral CEO, Austin Whitman. “Our label helps consumers identify these brands. It’s a recognizable and trusted symbol that turns everyday purchases into meaningfully positive climate action.”

Climate Neutral’s certification is based on internationally recognized standards for carbon measurement, neutrality, and offsetting. Each brand must measure Scope 1, 2, and 3 cradle-to-customer greenhouse gas emissions for the prior calendar year. Then a brand must buy verified carbon credits to offset its entire footprint. This directs investment into critical carbon sequestration projects such as forest conservation, renewable energy, and carbon capture technologies. Finally, brands commit to a reduction action plan to cut future emissions within a 12-24 month timeline, reporting progress on those plans annually. All of the brand’s data is publicly available on Climate Neutral’s website. The process is repeated annually when companies must re-certify.

Learn more about Climate Neutral and browse all the certified brands at

Founded online in 2018 by James and Lynne Mowery, Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew creates cold crafted cold brew beverages in the processing facility they opened August 1, 2020. Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew offers ready to drink cold brew in convenient on the go pouches and bag-in-box options for consumers and businesses alike. The pouches create a convenient way of enjoying your beverage how and when you want it, plus they are great for sharing. In addition to Cold Brew beverages and cold brew gear, Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew is dedicated to providing opportunities for young adults to build a community of peers and mentors through which they will nurture their entrepreneur and leadership skills. Fifty5 Rivers Cold Brew is committed to living its value by being a 1% For the Planet Business Member, Climate Neutral Certified, as well as a Pending B Corp company. For more information, visit and via social media @55rivers.

Climate Neutral is a nonprofit organization working with brands and consumers to decrease global greenhouse gas emissions. The label, Climate Neutral Certified, is the universal standard in carbon neutrality. It is earned by brands who measure, offset, and reduce their entire carbon footprint, making it easy for consumers to shop with concern for the global climate. To learn more, visit

Climate Neutral Contact: Torie Dye
[email protected], 614.315.2042

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