Innovative dashboarding solutions to communicate the health and wellness of your buildings

ATLANTA, GA, May 06, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — As workplaces around the work begin to reopen, managers and building engineers are adhering to a new set of protocols to keep all building occupants safe—from cleaning and sanitation processes to changes in their building management systems.

But communicating these changes to tenants and occupants can be a challenge. Choose McKenney’s buildingHEALTH™ and provide peace of mind to tenants, occupants and visitors through real-time, data-driven dashboards that share building wellness insights.

A Deep Dive into buildingHEALTH:
• Share your dashboards seamlessly through a custom web portal, mobile-friendly interfaces and digital signage.
• Display how health your building is at any given moment with one easy-to-understand visual.
• Manage and display real-time reports, alarms and notifications relevant to your occupants.
• Benchmark your building’s performance against ASHRAE’s COVID-19 readiness and reopening guidelines.
• Highlight fresh air levels per person, total number of air changes per hour and the status of your air filters.
• Create customized dashboards that highlight your specific building health initiatives.

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