Jameson Patry Offers Ideas on How Businesses can Get Involved in Their Community

TORONTO, ON, May 08, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — As the owner of Hilton Transportation, Jameson Patry has a variety of useful ideas on how businesses can get involved with their respective communities. Community engagement by local businesses can help to stimulate the local economy and build up a better culture and it can also improve a business’ visibility and reach.

Jameson Patry’s Tips for Community Engagement for Businesses

Whether you own a small local business or a business that has grown to operate in various communities, it is important to engage in each area you operate. Some great ideas from Jameson Patry for companies to get involved with their community include:

Sponsor Community Functions

Most communities have a variety of groups and organizations that host events and functions. Getting involved with a local chamber of commerce or similar group and sponsoring their operations is a great way to improve local functions. Community events could include sporting events, awards ceremonies, galas, exhibitions, and much more.

Support Local Charities

There are many great causes out there, so it can often be difficult to know what charity to support. Some of the smaller, locally based charities often get overlooked, so finding a charity from your area that your company values resonate with can be a great way to support your community and raise awareness for people who need attention. There are other ways to support a charity aside from money; a business could volunteer the time of its employees, provide meals or aid to a shelter, put out donation boxes, or run a canned food drive.

Get Involved in Education

Many schools and universities bring in business owners from the community to speak or teach. Passing on knowledge is a great way to benefit your community. Another way to support education in your area could be to offer a scholarship to a local university.

Employ Interns

Giving work experience to those who need it is invaluable to many students. On-the-job training can offer an advantage to those looking to enter into their chosen career field and help to create a stronger, more capable workforce for your community.

Partner with Other Local Businesses

By creating relationships with other businesses in the area, you can build up local connections and open up more possibilities to benefit the community. Whether it means collaborating on events together, carrying and promoting each other’s products, swapping services, or partnering on a customer rewards program, there are many great ways to mutually benefit those who work in your area as well as your customers.

Run a Contest

Contests can be a great way to encourage engagement within the community. They allow a company to connect with their customers and extend their reach while providing a fun way for people to get involved. There are many different types of contests that can be conducted, and social media provides a great platform to get contests running.

Offer Community Discounts

There are many types of discounts that can be offered throughout your community. Many workers who support the community, such as firefighters, police officers, and teachers, can benefit greatly from discounted services and products and it is great to show support to these valuable members of the community. Offering student and senior discounts is another great way to show support.

With Jameson Patry’s leadership and the support of his community, Hilton Transportation has grown into a logistics company that reaches from coast to coast and operates in both Canada and the United States. Despite the company’s wide reach, its roots and support for its community in Eastern Canada have not wavered.

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