FreshBooks customers can import their bills and invoices seamlessly to

TYLER, TX, March 24, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ —, a leading B2B payment solutions provider, is published in FreshBooks AppStore. FreshBooks customers can import their bills and invoices seamlessly to The services provided by includes ACH or direct deposit payments, wire transfers, checks, RTP, pay by credit card, payroll funding with a credit card, international payments and more. The partnership with FreshBooks marks the B2B payment platform’s unwavering commitment to delivering a high-quality business experience.

“We are excited to be a part of the FreshBooks App Store,” said Sabeer Nelli, CEO and Founder of “Our platform’s streamlined and secure payment process is designed to help businesses save time and money while maintaining accuracy and compliance with accounting standards.” has also introduced international payments in various currencies and credit card payments without payee fees, which enhances its overall services.’s Pay By Credit Card feature allows customers to pay anyone, even if the payee doesn’t accept a credit card. The payee will receive funds via check, wire, or ACH without transaction charges. The payer gets to keep all your credit card reward points.

As a payment technology pioneer, Zil Money Corporation, the parent company of,, and, is dedicated to introducing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses. Payroll funding with credit cards is now possible for all ADP customers. If ADP users don’t have enough funds, they can connect their ADP account to Zil Money and provide their bank and credit card information. This will enable them to conveniently transfer funds from their credit card to their bank account and use them to process payroll within the ADP platform. This feature allows ADP users to streamline their payroll procedures, minimize mistakes, and save time. This offering represents a reliable and efficient payment processing solution, particularly for small businesses that experience cash flow issues.

“Businesses struggling with importing bills and invoices can relax. With this partnership, businesses of all sizes can simplify their payment processes and elevate their overall customer experience,” he added.’s advanced security features and streamlined payment process deliver the best solutions to customers. This partnership will provide FreshBooks users with more payment options, making their payment processes even more efficient.

By connecting FreshBooks with, businesses can easily import bills and invoices into the system for faster and more efficient payment processing. This integrated solution eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving businesses valuable time and resources.

The publication of in the FreshBooks App Store is expected to benefit both companies and their customers. It is set to revolutionize the payment process and help businesses to enhance their brand image and improve customer satisfaction. FreshBooks users can now access a trusted payment solution that simplifies their accounting process. is integrated with leading accounting software platforms like Sage, Xero, QuickBooks, Zoho, Gusto, Zapier,, and many more, further simplifying business payment processes. Users can select their desired payment methods and specify the mode in which they want their recipient to receive the payment, which may include options such as ACH/direct deposit, printed checks, email checks, checks sent to their mailbox, wire transfer, and other alternatives. has solidified its position as a significant business platform, with over 6,50,000 registered users and more than $50 billion in processed transactions. Its user-friendly interface and competitive pricing have become popular among users. Its distinctive payment service features are poised to facilitate future growth and expansion, solidifying its position as a prominent provider of financial technology solutions to businesses worldwide.

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