Punyam Academy is thrilled to offer a new, highly anticipated ISO 42001 Lead Auditor training. The course offers comprehensive guidance on planning and carrying out ISO 42001 audits of companies AIMS. It is based on the most recent ISO Standards.

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 09, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — First time in the globe Punyam Academy is launching a new course ISO 42001 Lead Auditor training with great excitement as it is most demanded futuristic ISO standard for AI management system. The globally recognized ISO 42001 lead auditor online training, which is based on the most recent ISO standard, provides thorough instruction on organizing and performing ISO/IEC 42001 audits of businesses’ AIMS.

The goal of the online course is to give participants the skills they need to become certified Lead Auditors for the Artificial Intelligence Management System. The requirements, Annex-A controls, audit process, risk management, AI risk assessments, and system impact assessments are all covered in the course along with the ISO/IEC 42001:2023 standard and the AI Management System and its advantages. Inquiring strategies, nonconformity reporting, and duties and responsibilities as a lead auditor for ISO/IEC 42001 AI Management System are also covered in the course. The training materials include case study documents, a control audit checklist, and an audit checklist based on ISO/IEC 42001 criteria. An ISO/IEC 42001 Lead Auditor Certificate with the Exemplar Global logo—a global leader in training and certification programs—will be awarded to students who complete the course. There are audio-visual presentations in the course.

The ISO 42001 lead auditor training – a globally recognized course is helpful for anyone looking to become a certified Lead Auditor for companies employing AI systems globally because it contains handouts, online exams, audio-visual presentations, and an audit checklist. The ISO 42001 lead auditor training course includes 11 sessions. The tool provides over 250 clause-wise and Annex-A Control-wise audit questions for AI management systems, which participants can download for future reference and use during audits in any organization, ensuring efficient and effective auditing.

The goal of the online ISO 42001 Training is to provide users with the skills and information required to conduct a certification audit and implementation. The process of evaluating AI risks, treatments, and impacts is also covered. In addition, the training covers writing nonconformity reports, conducting document adequacy audits, and various auditing and questioning approaches. In addition, the course offers ready-to-use audit checklists that include questions about clause-wise and Annex-A control-wise audits.

The ISO 42001 Lead Auditor Training Course is appropriate for professionals, students, key personnel in charge of evaluating the performance of AI management systems, seekers of an ISO/IEC 42001 Lead Auditor certificate, and anybody looking to hone their auditing abilities. Additionally, it helps individuals who want to be officially recognized as ISO/IEC 42001 lead auditors who have received training and certification. For more information, touch this link: https://www.punyamacademy.com/course/aims/iso-42001-lead-auditor-training

As a licensed training provider, Punyam Academy Pvt. Ltd. offers a range of online courses, E-books, PowerPoint presentations, documentation, and KPO services for client and third-party audits. Leading the industry in e-learning, training, and ISO and other management system standard certification is Punyam Academy. Punyam Academy specializes in providing a wide range of services and training courses in 16 categories for more than 200 courses, including instrument calibration training, food safety officer training, risk manager training, SA 8000 auditor training, business improvement courses as well as auditor and lead auditor courses on QMS, EMS, OHSAS, Food Safety, IT Security and Services, etc. more than 50 management systems. So far more than 8000 students have taken the courses from more than 200 countries.

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