SmartyAds programmatic advertising platform is now officially supporting trending rewarded video format, using which the world is now monetizing around 75% of online traffic.

NEW YORK, NY, July 17, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — SmartyAds programmatic advertising platform is now officially supporting trending rewarded video format, using which the world is now monetizing around 75% of online traffic, according to the annual Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report.

Rewarded video ad is a kind of advertising that uses in-app rewards to motivate users to watch short video ads (15-30 sec.), ensuring this way excellent video completion rates, viewability, and avoiding ad blocks in one shot.

The fact that these ads are non-skippable explains the high efficiency of message delivery that still appears less intrusive as it is served at certain game intervals leaving in-app experience logical and coherent.

According to the SmartyAds data, using rewarded ads is what helps to obtain 92% engagement and 79% opt-in rates for the majority of advertisers who couldn’t get same results applying banners, and other popular but overused ad formats. 75% of users claim they see such videos in a positive light a reason to which is a greater in-app experience that people get in exchange for watching the ad. These rewards include the extra coins that help to proceed in the game, an extra life, doubling of the daily game reward and premium features.

With rewarded video SmartyAds opens up new opportunities for mobile publishers, helping them monetize their apps more efficiently.

“Rewarded video ads are dynamic and highly interactive but their main core power is in the ability to impact users emotionally and provide them with freedom of choice. For the advertisers or marketers who know their audience, the format can be even more beneficial. For instance, starting a new ad campaign advertiser can tune up the rewards users get through the targeting options and address each group even more effectively,” says Ivan Guzenko, CEO SmartyAds LLP.

One of the most distinctive features of rewarded format is the ability to monetize free or low-income apps where in-app purchases are rather a rarity than a pattern, that’s why the format is currently used in more than half of all mobile games.

Even though rewarded video format has already achieved a certain level of recognition, there’s a big cluster of highly potential free apps that can be monetized equally good, e.g, travel apps that offer discounts or informational resources that can make use of closed content.

If you need additional info about ad formats, don’t hesitate to check the SmartyAds website, or contact our PR manager at [email protected].

SmartyAds is a full-stack programmatic advertising company that develops cutting-edge ad buying and selling platforms which are powered by the real-time protocol, header bidding, blockchain, and other innovative ad tech technologies helping to maximize the yield of advertisers and publishers alike. During the last couple of years, the platforms achieved significant capacity growth, teaming up with other leading demand and supply industry partners and implementing latest technological advancements. For now, the platform processes over 300 million daily impressions, function cross-device, and serve myriads of ad formats including trending display, native, video, and rewarded advertisements.

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