Now is the Time to Replace Your Old Air Conditioner.

EL PASO, TX, May 06, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Here in El Paso, TX, the Spring season has officially sprung. The weather is getting warmer every day and soon we’ll be making the transition from highly heating to daily use of the AC. In just a few weeks, the heat will be intense enough during the day to require constant cooling just to stay safe and comfortable indoors. When this happens, your AC will rattle to life and accept an increasing demand for service for the rest of the year – until the temperature drops again in late Autumn.

Spring is the Perfect Time for AC Replacements

“Right now in the lull between the cold and warm halves of Spring is the perfect time to replace your old air conditioner,” said Mike with SoBellas. If you have an AC unit that is on its last legs or you’ve been planning to make a serious upgrade for better annual home cooling, it’s best to get this done before the summer heat wave hits. Now is the time to schedule your AC repairs and replacements so that when you do truly need your air conditioning this year, it will be ready to provide a strong current of cool air all summer long.

Your Air Conditioner is Old Breaks Constantly

According to Mike, “The most common reason to replace your air conditioner before summer is a constant demand for maintenance.” AC units tend to last between ten and twenty years. After this point, the internal parts will wear out in sequence until the entire unit is out of order. You can extend an air conditioner’s life with regular maintenance and part replacement but eventually the old unit will simply need to be replaced.

If your air conditioner needs regular maintenance and is constantly breaking, don’t put your family through a sweltering summer with an AC that goes out. Schedule your air conditioner replacement this Spring before the first heat wave and enjoy a wonderfully reliable cool from a brand new unit this year and for a decade or more into the future.

Your Air Conditioner Couldn’t Keep Up Last Year

Some ACs slowly fade in functionality instead of experiencing constant failures. Your AC may not have run steadily all last summer but just couldn’t keep up. If your house was hot or your AC blew barely cool air all summer long, you don’t have to put up with baking inside your home again this year. Now is the time to replace your old air conditioner so that your home can achieve just the right amount of cold during our long hot season.

You Want to Upgrade Your Home Cooling System

Many El Paso homes were built with window or wall-mounted AC units instead of central air. If these units are old and rattling to their end or you just want to upgrade your home’s cooling system, now is the time. Spring is the perfect time to rip out those clunky, noisy, and zone-limited old units to install either central air or a ductless mini-split air conditioning system.

Mike says, “A central air upgrade provides even cool air throughout the house while ductless ACs provide zoned cold without the need for bulky ducts or a central AC compartment in the house.” Or if you don’t want to make a change, you can have brand new window and wall units installed that are quieter and more energy-efficient than the dinosaur units installed when the house was first built.

Scheduling Air Conditioner Replacements with SoBellas This Spring

If your AC is old or insufficient for your house, this Spring is the ideal time for a new air conditioning installation. Before the weather gets too hot and you’ll need your AC running all day, every day, install a new AC unit so that your home will be reliably cool all summer long.

Here at SoBellas Home Services, we are dedicated to providing high-quality air conditioner units and services to the residents of El Paso and the surrounding area. You can count on us to help you select the ideal air conditioner solution for your home, remove the old unit, and install your new AC on a conveniently rapid schedule.

Call us to discuss your home AC needs and we’ll make sure your home is cycling cold, reliable air this summer with AC installations and to convert to refrigerated air or local repairs.

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