Devotees discuss Robert Graham’s distinctive “Wearable Art” while eagerly awaiting announcement of the fashion designer’s latest additions to its Limited Edition collection.

FORT WORTH, TX, May 09, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Since its inception, the Robert Graham Clothing Collectors Facebook Group has garnered interest from around the globe. Today, group members hail from Florida to California to Alaska in the United States, in addition to the United Kingdom, Chile, Greece, and the Philippines. Their locations might be diverse, but they’re united in their enthusiasm for anything and everything Robert Graham.

While they share a love for fashion, each person in the group is unique, and most assuredly not “one size fits all.” You’ll find members of many shapes, sizes and colors, all sharing their own distinctive perspectives. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of whimsicality, very much like a Robert Graham shirt.

The group was created by Fort Worth entrepreneur and commercial real estate developer Ron Sturgeon, who started it in January 2020. Since then, membership has grown to more than 4,700, and is open to anyone who loves the brand. Group members enjoy connecting and sharing information and photos of their RG finds. Another membership perk is that members can sell or trade their RG items without fees or commissions.

One of the most exciting moments in the life of a Robert Graham aficionado is when the designer unveils the newest limited edition piece. Issued in a “small and finite number,” each limited edition piece is unique to Robert Graham and numbered, like fine artwork. That’s why the designer refers to its clothing as “wearable art.” When the manufacturer announces a new limited edition piece, enthusiasm is palpable on the RG Facebook group. Just take a gander at the latest men’s limited edition collections by Robert Graham and you’ll see why.

The designer describes its newest limited edition shirt, The Goody Long-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt, as “inspired by Tête de Bélier, the iconic pink diamond owned by European royalty, this rose-hued style is a true gem. Paisley overlays on mixed-textured fabric bring forth accents of tonal metallic embroidery and jacquard trims to bring subtle luxury to this blazer. Notice the tonal dragons in the background. The cut crystal glass buttons’ dazzle gives the final touches and a nod to the blaze’s original jeweled inspiration.”

What’s the story behind the Tête de Bélier? Why was there such a hullaballoo over a diamond, and how did it inspire a shirt?

The Tête de Bélier (“Ram’s Head”) is a bright pink 17.47-carat diamond once owned by a prince, who sold it in 1927 to the esteemed French designer Cartier. Captivated by the vibrant pink hue, the prominent French fashion icon and Paris editor of Harper’s Bazaar Daisy Fellowes bought the Tête de Bélier from Cartier. She wore it on a visit with her friend, surrealist couturier and Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, who also was transfixed by the gem’s gorgeous color.

Schiaparelli was so enamored with the hue, she later described it by saying “The color flashed in front of my eyes. Bright, impossible, impudent, becoming, life-giving, like all the lights and the birds and the fish in the world together; a color of China and Peru but not of the West –– a shocking color, pure and undiluted.”

It’s no surprise that an impression like that didn’t simply fade away. Rather, Schiaparelli immediately incorporated the color into the distinctive hot pink case for her first perfume, “Shocking de Schiaparelli,” released in 1937. The bottle was designed by surrealist painter Leonor Fini, and used actress Mae West’s tailor dummy as a model.

Speaking of pink, did you know that the color pink can affect mood? Yes, indeed. In the late 1960s, researcher Alexander Schauss discovered that a certain shade of pink had a highly calming effect on the human endocrine system. He convinced the Seattle Naval Correctional Facility to paint its cells with this color, in an attempt to pacify prisoners. Apparently, it worked.

When you read the history and view the color palette of the Tête de Bélier, the inspiration behind Robert Graham’s The Goody becomes crystal-clear. And as is true with all Robert Graham shirts, the magnificent attention to detail is stunning. If you have even a basic appreciation for stitching, the intricate embroidery simply takes your breath away. It’s rare to find such a high level of meticulous precision in embroidery, and you’ll spot it in nearly every article of Robert Graham clothing. The designer devotes a remarkable amount of time to hand embroidery, with as many as 2500 stitches decorating the front of an embroidered shirt, and The Goody is a fine example of this.

Photos simply don’t do justice to the detail, but the image exemplifies the workmanship that goes into all Robert Graham designs. This is a close-up view of The Goody’s French front placket. As you can see, the paisley design continues almost seamlessly from one side of the shirt front to the other. It’s not easy to see in photos, but the embroidery that enhances the paisley print lines up from side to side. This is one of Robert Graham’s trademark features, and for anyone who has ever sewn any type of garments, this is no easy feat.

Another recent addition to Robert Graham’s limited edition collection is the Portiere Long-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt, in a classic fit for men. The designer describes the Portiere as “woven in the exquisite manner of silk jacquard, this standout style pulls out all the stops. Silk brocade fabric lines the inside collar and sleeves, while crystal glass buttons adorn the placket and cuffs. The floral damask design that covers every inch of this masterpiece calls to mind an ornate vine of rare botanicals discovered climbing up the wall of a secret garden.”

The Portiere is available in a color choice of light blue or purple (shown below), and features a shirttail hem and point collar. Another hallmark of Robert Graham designs is the contrasting print fabric on the shirt cuffs. Combining prints is not for the faint of heart, and not everyone gets it right. It’s safe to say that Robert Graham undoubtedly has mastered this.

About Robert Graham
Robert Graham is a wholly owned subsidiary of Differential Brand Group Inc. that was launched in 2001 by fashion designers Robert Stock and Graham Fowler. The designer duo started the brand to fill a menswear niche that endorses colorful, unapologetic, and conversation-provoking clothing. The Robert Graham Clothing Collectors Group is not affiliated with Robert Graham.

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