BEK TV has launched a new comprehensive series titled “Capturing America’s Heartland: CO2 Pipeline,” which delves into the controversy surrounding a proposed high-pressure carbon dioxide pipeline in residential North Dakota.

BISMARCK, ND, June 26, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — BEK TV has begun broadcasting a new series called Capturing America’s Heartland: CO2 Pipeline. The reports explore the concerns and benefits of a proposed high-pressure carbon dioxide pipeline that would be built in close proximity to residential North Dakota. New reports will be released every Wednesday and Friday and will re-run at various times throughout the week. All episodes can be viewed live online at, or in the archives.

The CO2 pipeline has been the topic of controversy among residents and rural landowners across the midwest, and particularly in North Dakota. It would transport carbon dioxide captured from ethanol plants in five Midwest states to an endpoint north and west of the Bismarck-Mandan area, in Oliver and Mercer counties.

“Earlier this year, I attended a meeting where legislators were present, and a young woman boldly walked up to the microphone and started asking questions about the CO2 pipeline,” says Lori Hinz, BEK TV Host of Capturing America’s Heartland: CO2 Pipeline and No Apologies. “That moment sparked something in me. This is an issue with a lot of questions surrounding it, and I felt incredibly compelled to learn more about it and share what I learned.”

Capturing America’s Heartland: CO2 Pipeline invites experts on all sides of the issue to weigh in on a variety of concerns and benefits regarding building an unusually large pipeline so close to residents and property owners. From reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing technical, regulatory, and health and safety challenges, the series explores how the proposed route could affect the Heartland of America.

“My family and I live just miles away from the proposed pipeline route,” says Hinz. “This issue hits close to home for me.”

BEK TV is the only North Dakota-owned broadcasting company remaining in the state and produces more local content than any other television station. It broadcasts statewide on television and across the world via internet. BEK TV consists of content from both BEK Sports and BEK News.

BEK TV is the largest television broadcaster of high school and collegiate athletics in the region, broadcasting nearly 400 live events each year. The network also is the state’s top producer of original news and opinion programming. BEK TV is the 2021 and 2022 winner of the Bismarck Tribune’s Best of the Best contest, selected by the public for “Best Television Station”.

The concept behind BEK’s news programming is to provide a media service platform that is unscripted and uncensored. BEK TV hosts are untrained broadcasters who share their perspectives and views on topics and issues that North Dakotans are talking about. The BEK network never controls the messaging.

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