Internet icon Margolis joins her manager Neil Cirucci & DDF/JAM record label president John Austin Mulhern to form NO BRAG JUST FACT PR LLC

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 04, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Internet icon Cindy Margolis has long been recognized as one of the elite self promoters to ever come from the world of Cyber space. Years ago along with her manager, Neil Cirucci they mapped out a plan of action that elevated Cindy from being America’s number One Pin-up to the Most Downloaded Woman on the World Wide Web & earn her a page in the Guinness Book of Records.

Now, Margolis and Cirucci will take their elite expertise in publicity & promotion and partner with longtime friend & record industry executive, John Austin Mulhern to launch an exclusive PR/media firm titled No BragJust Fact LLC.

Initially, the focus of the firm will be to concentrate on original artists/musicians & their songs but will eventually expand to creating publicity & media for mainstream actors, actresses, films & television projects.

The agency will not cater to just anyone who can afford the fee rather the clientele will be handpicked by the 3 partners based on the quality of the songs/films/projects that prospective clients submit. To be accepted all 3 partners must be in agreement regarding the clients admission.

Starting April 6 interested parties can contact Neil Cirucci at [email protected]

John Austin Mulhern at [email protected]

Cindy at [email protected]

Neil Cirucci PR is a national media company.

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