In his new book, Commune Media CEO Jeff Krasno offers Americans clear guideposts to overcoming fear, anxiety, and grief and realizing their personal purpose

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 22, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — When COVID-19 burst on the scene and was spreading rampantly, Commune Media founder and CEO Jeff Krasno began a mission to reach out to his one million newsletter subscribers, offering a path through the fear and political division that gripped the country. His new book “Communion” (Commune Media; April 2021), collects the soul-excavating essays he shared with his followers, with clear takeaways to help readers overcome emotional challenges and fully realize their personal purpose.

For years Jeff has explored all facets of wellness as host of the popular Commune podcast (120,000 monthly downloads), featuring guests including Yung Pueblo, Michael Beckwith, Adriene Mishler, and Mark Hyman. With “Communion,” he turns his focus to a deep exploration of the many critical issues that came to the fore during the tumultuous and hyper-political year of 2020.

“The cocktail of pandemic, quarantine, and social media induced a global drunkenness of anxiety and fear,” says Jeff. “By leveraging words as vessels for emotions, I hoped I could help people make a modicum of sober sense out of this confounding and uncertain time.”

In 33 essays, Jeff takes on charged topics including the socio-political landscape of COVID-19, racial justice, the psychological impacts of social media, and how to bridge the country’s deep political divide. Essays are accompanied by writing prompts so readers may delve deep to discover their own thoughts, blocks, and personal purpose.

“In an era of sensationalism and hyper-politicization, I attempt to step out of the political invective, cultivate awareness of biases, and find a middle way,” says Jeff. He implores readers to do the same. “In the pursuit of a common ground, it may be time for both left and right to turn a critical eye on themselves,” he writes.

Essays taking on the critical need for massive societal change are interspersed with deeply personal pieces on topics including death and the emergence of new life, finding purpose at the end of grief, and fatherhood.

In 33 essays Jeff Krasno shows readers how to:

• Develop compassion for those with opposing political views.
• Find purpose on the other side of grief.
• Witness fear and not become it.
• Have a respectful debate with someone whose views you oppose.
• Cultivate a healthy relationship with social media.
• Bridge the deep political divide by building community.

About: Jeff Krasno is the founder and CEO of Commune Media and host of the Commune podcast, featuring in-depth conversations with wellness leaders including Deepak Chopra, Sharon Salzberg, and Russell Brand. His book “Wanderlust” (Rodale) sold 35,000 copies and was followed by his cookbook “Find Your True Fork” (Rodale). His new book “Communion” (Commune Media) offers a middle path through the grief, fear, and political division that Americans are contending with today. Learn more at

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