Over the weekend musician and public figure David Correy shares a transparent post on social media about his treatment and recovery.

PITTSBURGH, PA, May 18, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Over the weekend Musician and public figure David Correy announced that he successfully completed treatment for alcohol abuse and depression. David, a fan favorite on X factor and a well known artist, has openly become an advocate for mental health.

On social media, Correy detailed his 8-year battle with depression and substance abuse sparked by the deaths of his adopted parents. He completely lost his faith after becoming an orphan for the second time and turned to alcohol to numb the pain. His addiction mixed with depression caused him to spiral and ultimately led him to seek treatment.

“I AM FREE”, David proclaimed in his caption under a stoic picture as he encouraged others to seek help as well. “Addiction, depression, and mental health are real, real enough to ruin your life.” This is a reality for millions of Americans that are suffering from mental illnesses and are going untreated.

David’s purpose for opening up about his tumultuous journey is to help others overcome their own struggles with mental health and or substance abuse. His story of trials and triumphs shows others that healing is possible and there is no shame in seeking treatment.

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