By bringing diversity to the most ordinary of Brands, VintageOlisa increases the exposure for everyone especially Young acts in the entertainment industry.

DANBURY, CT, May 14, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — VintageOlisa, who founded the popular website and trademark WE SHINE FOREVER” which morphed into a creative agency, is turning his artistic eye toward the ordinary. WE SHINE FOREVER (WSF) his new Marketing company & E-commerce website offers original Articles that feature people of color and different sexual orientations doing everyday things: Education, Wellness, Entertainment, Travel. With Partners such as FITE, Yankee Kicks, Teal Swan, CyrilBigs, 50KG FOREVER, ArtNaturals, Jungle Scout, Sellbrite and more allowing the company to deploy their branding images in their marketing and editorial content, the 7-month-old company is already changing standards.

It can inspire the way future generations see themselves. “When I was growing up, I did not see being a C.E.O, Artist, Songwriter & a Blogger as attainable. In many [creative] industries, Most people don’t know that they can actually work behind the scenes.” – VintageOlisa

From MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms in the late 2000s to and website development today, VintageOlisa has experienced the internet in all it’s evolving stages. He uses his experiences to show that growing up as a Children of the Internet has truly placed individuals at one of the best times to be successful if they take advantage of the endless tools that the internet has to offer.

We believe in the coming months, we will be seeing a lot bigger and better things from WSF in the global mainstream and we can’t wait for that time to come. We shine forever as a company has changed many youths perspective of life to something meaningful and positive and with what’s on the way, there’s going to be a lot improvement especially in the entertainment industry.


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