See How Starling Is Changing The Game For Music Artists

HONOLULU, HI, May 24, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Artist services company Starling recently made several announcements about how they plan on maximizing earnings for musicians using their services. With the state of streaming music changing all the time, Starling understands that many musicians are unsure how to maximize their earning potential. Thanks to several industry-leading additions to their service, Starling believes that they can help with easily navigating the earning process for all musicians. From distribution to promotion, Starling hopes to be the only company musicians need to work with to see results with streaming.

Faster Sign-Ups and Faster Payouts

Starling launched with one of the fastest payouts for artists in the industry. With the setup, musicians have a better opportunity to manage how much money is coming in consistently. One of the problems that have plagued the industry over the years has been a lack of consistent income for artists. That is no longer a problem for those using the Starling platform. Earnings are shown near real-time as they are generated by streaming services.

Understanding the Streaming Music Industry

Earning money through streaming services can seem like a complicated process for many musicians. Starling simplifies the process, and this means the opportunity to see success earlier in the process. Early success and income growth are massive motivators for musicians, and understanding streaming unlocks potential.

Management companies continually take advantage of a lack of knowledge to exploit musicians and keep a high percentage of their earnings. Starling focuses on transparency with everything they offer, making it a refreshing change from the norm.

Fixed Commission Rates

Starling is proud to announce that a 10% commission rate is a flat fee for all beginning users. It costs no money to sign up, and people do not owe money until they start earning themselves. The commission rate of 10% is one of the lowest in the industry, and musicians can even reduce it by being a Pro member. Those who sign up for Starling Pro will have the opportunity to hold onto all of their revenue.

Low commission rates work to specifically eliminate any hesitation musicians might have using a new platform. There is zero risk involved when working with Starling, as people only pay if they earn money off the music.

Helping with Marketing, Promotion, and Connections

Earning potential on streaming services is all about a specific type of approach. Starling understands marketing, promotion, and personal connections in the industry are necessary to have the kind of breakthrough that so many people are looking for.


Marketing is always essential for any musician, and there are many different packages that people can explore depending on what they are looking for. Whether it is staying relatively small and building up a niche market, or looking for more mass appeal, people can get started without making a massive investment during the early stages.


Promotion occurs in many different ways. Growing in the industry means having precise knowledge in promotions not to cross the line of being too over-the-top. Understanding all the different genres out there and promoting effectively to a specific audience is hard to handle without professional assistance. Starling has industry leaders handling promotions and even working specifically with musicians in some regards. This ensures that any money spent on advertising is used the best way possible.


Breaking through as an artist can happen in a variety of ways in today’s climate. A viral hit can be the breakthrough that a musician needs, and that could happen organically or by connecting with an influencer. There is a music promotion marketplace available through Starling that helps connect musicians and influencers to do exactly that. Perhaps an influencer is looking to utilize specific music for a video, and that video ends up going viral. Instantly, people are searching for that particular song on streaming services, and the artist can capitalize on this newfound fame.

Connections take a long time to make without a platform for those in the industry to rely on. Many artists try to make connections themselves, or they rely on a management company to help out.

Capitalizing on a New Type of Audience

Streaming services make it very easy for listeners to find new music. In many ways, it is easier than ever for lesser-known musicians to get a chance from listeners to make an impression. What musicians do with the chance is ultimately up to the quality, but Starling opens up those opportunities.

The streaming industry makes it easier for those on a tight budget to handle everything on their side. It is as easy as recording music, uploading it, and starting the streaming process. When put in specific genres and coming up during streaming, a niche audience can have the opportunity to hear music that they normally would not come across.

Starling has everything down to a science, and they believe that as time goes on, their service will get better and better. Musicians are just now taking advantage of all the tools provided by Starling. It is as simple as logging into an account and seeing all the data and analytics captured from the streaming services. Starling will work directly with a musician to figure out the best course of action to maximize listens and bring in more revenue.

The hope for Starling going forward is to eliminate any hesitation musicians might have about giving streaming services a try for the first time. It can be depressing not to see any revenue coming in when working with a streaming service, but with professionals helping out, that is no longer the case.

About Starling

Starling is a management and artist services company for smaller musicians hoping to earn a living doing what they are most passionate about. They offer affordable solutions for musicians to ensure that they have the best opportunity to reach goals and land new opportunities in the industry. Their focus on where the music industry is going makes it a unique solution. The primary focus is maximizing earning potential on streaming services, but money is also out there for those hoping to sell songs digitally, or physical albums. For more information on the company, visit their website at

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