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2 Sober Chicks Tell it Like it is

ATLANTA, GA, April 05, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — “We met on an online recovery site,” laughs Suzanne Evans. “Isn’t that so the new norm?”

Suzanne and co-host Terri Hartman were the last to think they’d find a mutual mission that would also lead to an incredible friendship and a lifestyle podcast.

“We both attended daily zoom meetings on a well known recovery site. We were two in a group of about ten people from all over the country wanting to get sober through their counseling, guidance, education and feedback,” says Terri. “And homework,” Suzanne adds. “We had tons of homework.” The expectations were high and so were the stakes in both women’s lives. Their families, careers and certainly their personal self-worth had reached all-time lows.

The unlikely outcome is the pair co-hosting their audio podcast about drinking, sobriety and, of course, recovery. “But love, life, sex, reality TV, sports, fashion, celebrities…it all pops up!” explains Suzanne. “If we weren’t having fun in recovery we wouldn’t still be IN recovery,” she explains clearly.

Addiction Unplugged, known for the unique position of respecting each person’s journey (for real there is no one RIGHT WAY to do this) is receiving inspiring feedback and growing numbers from others seeking a life in their personal version of recovery.

Today the two women from very different generations (Suzanne is not even 50 and Terri is approaching 75) also approach recovery from two different paths. “That’s our strength,” states Suzanne. “We respect what works for the other. For anyone. No judgement here.”

“Suzanne has teenage girls and I have young granddaughters,” says Terri. “We know that the challenges they face about any level of drinking or drugging will be very different from our days ‘out there’.”

“That’s a large part of why we stay open minded about new ways, new choices instead of some hard line program that doesn’t include flexibility. We believe that’s one thing people find so interesting and useful about our podcast” Suzanne adds. ” We’re not afraid to face reality. And almost always with a laugh.”

Addiction Unplugged with Terri and Suzanne welcomes people from all paths to recovery. Recent topics have included guests talking about Alcoholics Anonymous, Dharma Buddhist Meditation, Drinking in Moderation and What Really Defines a Relapse?

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