The world’s most innovative products to relieve hair loss symptoms are now available on Amazon U.S.A. Store plus new more skincare products are added to the list for your convenience!

SEOUL, KOREA, October 21, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Celino has the meaning of CELL INNOVATION as a next-generation bio cosmetic company based on differentiated technology and outstanding expertise. The company behind the innovative hair care, NGF-574H Hair Tonic, and 574H Cell Care Shampoo. It is a hair solution that provides health care for scalp tired of external stress by containing stem cell culture derived from human cord blood. It also passed the 3rd health new technology certification extension, examination in 2019 with Technical Name: Manufacturing technology of the stem cell culture solution derived from human cord blood stem cell culture media to help relieve alopecia.

As CELINO expands its market worldwide, they have added new more products to be available on the most influential e-commerce website, Amazon. Here are the following products you should consider and look forward to in enhancing your skincare routine based on stem cell culture media technology:

• Signature Bio Tone Up Sun Block – fulfills health and brightens the skin tone which is the next generation complex application

• Signature Bio Essence Toner – arranges brightly and cleanly the skin texture with double layer toner cleaning

• Signature Bio Cream – cell energy full of shine and skin protection cream which gives more shining mature radiance

• Signature Bio Cushion Pact Pink Ivory – cell bio cushion that has unique adherence cover and maintenance, hence shining and elastic skin that is smooth

• Signature Bio Ampoule – 80,000ppm stem cell culture media ampoule that helps skin rejuvenation

• Signature Bio Eye Cream – eyes shining more brightly and youthfully, care cream for eye wrinkles

• Signature Bio Sheet Mask – cell energy that is abundantly delivered with just one sheet and more beneficial contents deep into the skin

• Signature Bio Serum – serum for skin texture and vitality, through smooth and elastic skin

The skincare products start at $35 which gives more than the price with its innovative ingredients and easy to use. With this, customers can avail of discounts, bundles, or even free shipping. You may check their social media accounts for more updates and Amazon store.

Celino’s best selling products are currently on SALE at Amazon USA Store:
• NGF-574H Hair Tonic:

• 574H Cell Care Shampoo:

About CELINO — delivers customer value of ultimate rejuvenation anchored on Medipost’s 20 years of research and innovative prowess; a specialist in bio cosmetics. Which gave life to NGF-574H innovative hair care by priming human cord blood cell-conditioned media.

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