Only swim goggles certified to address the needs of those with autism

RALEIGH, NC, March 10, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) approved Frogglez Goggles as a Certified Autism Resource. The IBCCES certified Frogglez swimming goggles after reviewing and declaring the swim goggles a trusted resource that provides a therapeutic benefit and improves the quality of life of individuals with autism.

Adaptive swim lessons and water therapy are a critical part of reducing the alarmingly high drowning rate of children with autism. The innovative swim goggles allow swim instructors to devote more time to swimming skills instead of wasting precious lesson time adjusting goggles. The universal strap can be used with almost any swimming goggles, so parents and instructors can tailor Frogglez to meet specific therapy needs. For example, a wide-view swim mask can address proprioception issues, while tinted goggles can reduce anxiety. The end result is better-prepared swimmers.

Dr. Christian Hahn, owner and inventor of Frogglez, said, “We are thrilled that our goggles are a useful tool for adaptive swim programs all over the world and that the Certified Autism Resource designation makes it easier for parents and swim instructors to identify them.”

Dr. Hahn designed Frogglez after watching his daughter struggle with her swim goggles at her first swim lesson. He noticed the children and instructors get distracted from the lessons by goggles that fell off or got tangled in the swimmers’ hair. Because the children didn’t have the motor skills to adjust their own goggles, the swim instructors spent more time helping swimmers with their goggles than they did teaching.

Dr. Hahn said, “Many of us take learning to swim for granted, but after watching virtually every child and swim instructor struggle with goggles, I knew a well-designed swim goggle could positively impact the lives of people worldwide.”

Today, people around the world are better swimmers thanks to the thoughtful design of Frogglez. Although his days are spent serving patients in his biological dental practice, Hahn remains passionate about the impact the invention has on people’s lives. The small team of Frogglez employees believes all children should have fun learning to swim and exploring the underwater world, instead of struggling with their swim goggles.

IBCCES, an independent credentialing and certification board with a focus on cognitive disorders, is the accrediting body for the Certified Autism Resource (CAR) program and other designations and certifications for professionals in healthcare and education. Therapists, educators, and parents can find out more information at or by contacting the organization at [email protected] or ph: 877-717-6543.

Frogglez are the only swimming goggles designated by the IBCCES at a Certified Autism Resource. Invented by Dr. Christian Hahn in 2013, the innovative goggles are available online at and at major retailers like Walmart and Amazon. The company is headquartered in West Linn, OR, and can be reached at [email protected]; ph: 502-619-2199;

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