A systematic path to transform behavior and culture habits

WAKE FOREST, NC, March 31, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Brainz Magazine just published a second invited article by Dr. Barry Borgerson, It’s All in Your Mind: A Systematic Path to Transform Behavior and Culture Habits, which identifies that problems we have not been solving well enough relate to human activities and describes new opportunities to solve them effectively.

This growing number of problems is affecting business people and many others as you can see in a related article, Our Mysterious Problem-Solving Deficiencies. That article identifies that we have two classes of problems: one class we solve extremely well and the other class we don’t manage well in our current business and other social environments, which is causing escalating dysfunctions and failures.

The Mind article identifies that we need a pragmatic, robust theory that models the mental mechanisms we must understand and manage to solve many highly consequential problems that are growing worse. With this theory, we can overcome our deficiencies and create new opportunities for successes, prosperity, and well-being. We urgently need a model of the root-mechanisms that control leadership development, behavior transformations, and culture changes in business so we can make more-systematic improvements commensurate with escalating needs. We also desperately need a new theory of the mind that can provide a mechanism to reverse the systemic atrophy of the viability of representative forms of government due to the inability of too many voters to resist disinformation. Additionally, a well-constructed generalized theory of the mind should open new possibilities for solving many other types of human-activities problems including tragic drug addictions, high prisoner levels and unacceptable rates of prisoner recidivism, and explicitly constructing and maintaining positive shared values.

This Mind article demonstrates that we operate in two distinct modes – a transparent thinking mode where our explicit knowledge lies and where we create our intentions – and an automatic, unintentional mode. The new theory described in the article explains the baffling nuances of our automatic mental activities and shows how to manage this elusive (normally unnoticed) and illusive (self-deceiving) mode.

When you read the Mind article, you will discover the root causes of why the West has hit a wall in terms of sustaining its previous greatness and is now on a systemic decline as all previous great societies tragically experienced. You will also learn how finally conquering our automatic activities opens the possibility not only to reverse our decline but also to create a greater future than we ever experienced and that most people would now believe is not possible because of the many areas where we are increasingly struggling.

Our automatic activities include behavior, culture, attitude, and values habits that execute independent of our intentions and therefore outside of our immediate control. However, now that we have a general theory of the mind, we can exercise delayed control through systematic, reliable processes to transform our automatic activities to create discontinuously new forms of benefits.

In the article, you will learn the crucial distinction that our thinking mode improves through continuous learning whereas our automatic mode improves through periodic transforming.

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