Be fully prepared for all your adventures with the outdoor survival kit that includes everything you need & nothing you don’t

WANAKA, NEW ZEALAND, June 01, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — With international travel grinding to a halt due to Covid-19, many are turning to explore their own backyard and the great outdoors has become a great respite for many.

This increase in outdoor recreation has also seen a surge in accidents and emergency rescues, with the leading cause being the lack of preparation and carrying the essential survival gear.

Professional outdoor adventure guide Matt Butler has since launched a new outdoor survival system to help people better prepare for all their adventures.

Introducing the KEA KIT
The KEA KIT is an outdoor survival kit offering unmatched organization, versatility and reliability. With it’s compact and modular design, the KEA KIT offers quick access to all the essential survival gear at a moment’s notice.

It is organized into the pillars of survival (Shelter to First Aid, Tools, Fire, Water) and includes over 30 items of quality survival gear to ensure you are prepared to respond to any situation.

Matt Butler, based in Wanaka, New Zealand, is the creator of the KEA KIT and knows first-hand how important it is to be prepared when heading into the outdoors.

The idea came when he became frustrated with the current survival kit options in the market. He says “Preparation is the key to survival and too often people underestimate how dangerous the outdoors can be. Most survival kits out there today are poor quality and don’t even include the basics essentials, giving people a false sense of safety and leaving them vulnerable if things go wrong”

The KEA KIT was built to help people prepare better for all their outdoor adventures and. With all the essential survival gear and a comprehensive Survival and First-Aid guide, you never have to take your safety for granted in the outdoors.

The KEA KIT was created because we believe that preparation is the absolute key to survival and you should never compromise on safety or quality, when your life is at stake.

KEA KIT is now live on Kickstarter and open for pre-orders with pricing from NZ$175 / US$125. Shipping to USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

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