The Cookie authored by Manny Showalter and Daylon Showalter is based on children’s sex education beginning their journey towards adolescence.

SNELLVILLE, GA, October 22, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — “The Cookie authored by Manny Showalter and Daylon Showalter is based on children’s sex education beginning their journey towards adolescence. It is the ultimate guide for parents, teachers, guardians, counselors, and people who are more than one way or another responsible for aiding the growth of young girls. The writers have immense knowledge of teenage psychology that makes them a perfect choice to create the narrative for this book. The subject is dealt with by them using a fictional story. The narrative in the story chronicles around the protagonist Lauren, her lifestyle, and the choices she will make considering the surroundings & moral beliefs. With the lens of this character, the authors show the reader the indispensable changes a young girl goes through. It discusses the demands from her peers and the constant pressure of trying to fit in. Still, Showalter keeps sex talk the spotlight of the whole story. The message is evident throughout every scene and event happening in the book.” Rebecca Smiths, the Marketing Manager of the book, initiated the press release statement on an introductory memorandum.

She further added her insights on the issue while mentioning some renowned names of the field and their sayings such as: “American pediatrician and eminent authors on their field subject said: ‘sex education, including its spiritual aspects, should be apart of broad health & moral education from kindergarten through grade twelve, ideally carried out harmoniously by parents and teachers. However, let us face the brutal fact that we do not give enough importance to this subject to this date. Ignorance & avoidance is rampant – not just in developing parts of the world but also the hubs of growth. Parents and guardians ditch the issue or practice of sex talk altogether. With the abundance of uncensored material on the internet everywhere, children can pick anything from anywhere. Consequently, they can also end up in a scenario not at all favorable to them, a lot of times because of the awkwardness. In other instances, parents assume the era is modern and updated with technology; kids will eventually learn things on their own. Again, it is even more vital to give sex education to the growing young girls.”

“The account included in the book sheds light on topics that are considered taboo. They are not very often talked about. Thus, making the topic even more essential due to the lack of discussion in homes, classrooms, and the usual surrounding of a child. The book caters to young girls with a recurring need for a comprehensive education on a topic like sex education. It extends the required communication to women-in-making to allow them to make an informed decision about having sex, a key element in a human’s life. The book defines how sex at a premature stage comes with huge and unwanted responsibilities for this age. It revolves around the struggles and countless issues teenagers have to deal with when confronted with the troubling outcomes of such actions. For instance: when an underage girl conceives a child, she faces criticism from society. More stern results involve her inaccessibility or hindrance to activities mandatory for such time of life, like elementary education, sports, social activities, self-grooming. The fact is the life of a young girl is snatched when she becomes pregnant due to unavailability of proper sex education,” she stated.

On answering the questions like why the basic information on the sex talk is not enough, she responded: “Why is there a need to stress on sex education further? Why do we need a book like ‘The Cookie’ to add to the collection of our kids? The issue is central because it is interrelated to almost every other thing in life, society, and development. When young girls meet the uninvited results of intercourse in the preliminary years of their life, they are forced to follow the route of an entirely different world, in a world where they are parents – where they are responsible for lives. They are often compelled to leave their studies and, as a consequence, witness the obstacle in their careers. In addition to this, babies born to minor parents are more likely to develop health risks, medical issues, financial tensions, and domestic abuse. Thus, the lack of sex talk guidance and the unwelcomed effects of actions that follow lead to hostile circumstances on the micro as well as macro level. The best part of ‘The Cookie’ is it assists the ever-increasing generation of your household in learning about sex education themselves. It can be utilized to inform girls ages 8 and older. All in all, the book is the best friend of the nurturing children in every corner of the world. The story wraps itself around the minds and astutely conveys the learnings.”

“The Cookie is a self-help sex informative narration that accommodates the need to be knowledgeable on the topic. It is a helping hand in the day-to-day lives of children. Manny Showalter and Daylon Showalter, via their writing, provides a window to see the future of the unchecked sex life of teenagers. Through the character of Lauren and Robbie, the book showcases that the endpoint of non-informed kids is often cruel. It is a pit where if the innocent kids fall, then it becomes difficult to bring them back. Hence, even if they survive the fall of minor age sex mistakes, their personality gets ruined for a lifetime. It is an overall alarming situation for societies, and a paperback like ‘The Cookie’ is a blessing in disguise. It is actually a fun way to convey the sex schooling to a budding child. We see a lot of young adult paperbacks, hardcovers, and e-books, but before jumping into adulthood, the growing adults need to have sex enlightenment.” She said, recounting the widespread problems as the fallouts due to the shortage of sex talk published material.

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