Recent research on circadian rhythms mentioned the effects of natural light on sleep, which thereafter gets improved with the presence of blackout curtains.

PARIS, FRANCE, April 03, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Are you having a hard time sleeping at night? Maybe your sleep patterns are getting affected due to the sufficient light entering the rooms? Well, in that case, introducing the blackout curtains in your room would be one of the smartest things to do. Window treatments are definitely not to be ignored – and especially, in the rooms that get ample natural lighting throughout the day. Recent research on circadian rhythms mentioned the effects of natural light on sleep, which thereafter gets improved with the presence of blackout curtains. These window treatments have also proved to improve the overall health and quality of life of the residents.

Why are Blackout Curtains Necessary?

One of the most asked questions is why are these great blackout curtains necessary? Well, just as the name suggests – they help in blocking out the incoming light. However, the color of these curtains may vary depending on your interior design style. It may be black or even white in some cases – however, the only matter of concern is the thickness of the curtains that help in blocking the rays.

Recent research mentioned the specific cells in our eyes, that are designed to pick up the absence or presence of natural light. And based on this light is the circadian rhythm continuously running. Remember, it gets difficult to sleep when there is light indoors and that is why keeping out the light will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for the optimum time. Our eyes react to the natural and artificial light – and that is why with the sun rays hitting the walls of our rooms – we automatically wake up.

Understanding this theory – the blackout curtains are specifically quite beneficial for people who work more than 2 jobs, or the ones residing in extreme climates where the sun stays for a longer time. Moreover, these blackout curtains are a great option for the people who are working night shifts and usually sleep during the day and all the city dwellers that get most of the unnatural light throughout the day. With the busy schedules lately, people tend to work off-times that are not only dangerous for their physical health but also somehow hampering their mental mindsets. Well, it is a given how important resting or sleeping is – and that is why medical journalists usually suggest taking a good-time sleep of almost 7 to 9 hours. Sleep lesser than that may cause irritation and sluggish behavior throughout the day.

Another major issue that needs to be addressed is the power of staying asleep. Well, somehow after struggling to sleep, many people face constant practice of waking up in the middle of the night that could be as unhealthy as staying awake. Whether it is due to the peeking midnight light or unhealthy sleep pattern – blackout curtains, yet again prove to be a ‘must have’ in homes. So, if you are trying to achieve a healthy sleep pattern – blackout curtains could be your answer!

How to Choose the Best Blackout Curtains?

The best blackout curtains offer the qualities such as dense and heavy material along with appropriate insulation and acoustic properties. Here come many other functions that the blackout curtains play – well, one of them being insulation. It is crucial to choose curtains that are thick, tight-woven, dense, and heavy as they also provide great insulation properties. Most of these curtains block 90% of the incoming light while completely darkening the room to 100%. Due to blocking away of the sunlight – the incoming heat is reduced to a minimum – thus, also proving to be extremely energy-efficient. Hence, if you also want to cut down on the energy bills of your home – one of the best ways is to incorporate these curtains which will help create a thermal backdrop by saving almost 25% of the yearly energy costs.

Blackout curtains are known to absorb sounds – hence, proving to be a great sound insulating product. With the help of these, it is easier to cancel out unnecessary noise for better and quality sleep. Moreover, they help in creating a more quiet and sober space, especially in the kids’ rooms and nurseries. Remember to consider the light blocking and opaque fabrics such as polyester and thermal weave that are blended with an extra layer of lining to block away from any unnecessary light and sound.

When choosing curtains, another major element to look after is the width, length, and heftiness of the curtains. These curtains should be wide enough to cover the windowpanes completely from top to bottom. On the other hand, if you like a certain thin material that may not block away from the incoming light completely, you can simply add an extra layer to give depth and thickness to the existing one.

When shopping, you might also come across the concept of ‘room darkening’ curtains that are quite similar to blackout curtains, but only provide a total blackout of 90%. So, if your interior design style and room size, shape, and form allow, you can pick this one as well. However, this too well provides a quality sleep pattern.

Why People Like Maxzzz Blackout Curtains

Maxzzz blackout curtains define a perfect example of sophistication, luxury, functionality, and quality. Available in various sizes and shapes, these curtains are pretty simple and elegant – hence, fit for modern and any interior design style. Whether it is the living room, family room, study room, or the bedroom – these blackout curtains are a great fit for all the sun-blocking functions.

Elaborating a few advantages offered, one of the major features of these blackout curtains is the constant control of sunrays. The triple weave construction of these materials helps in blocking sunlight up to 95% and about 98% of UV radiations. However, whenever you choose, remember to pick colors that are darker in the shade as it will further lead to a better result. Secondly, Maxzzz blackout curtains are great at reducing noise levels. Any unnecessary noise will be automatically reduced – thus, leading to a more peaceful and quieter sleep.

In addition, these curtains are also thermally insulated. Featuring a thermal blackout lining, these curtains can help to retain the heat in winter and block any unnecessary draughts. Made with high-density black yarn and a solid fabric layer, these curtains are a great example of light-blocking curtains. The triple weave technology is quite effective at this point. Furthermore, another major factor that mostly concerns the homeowners is the maintenance and quality of the material. Well, this should definitely be not an issue.

As these curtains are processed through an eco-friendly method, it gives the buyers immense pleasure of somehow helping the planet heal. Moreover, these fabrics are quite easy to maintain. These blackout curtains are machine washable. So, if you are planning to get them washed, make sure to wash them in a gentle cycle and cold water. Also, tumble them dry at low temperatures. Following these will help the curtains retain their properties for a much longer time while staying as fresh as possible.

The curtains are also softer in touch and that is why they exhibit a cozy backdrop in your rooms. Their ultra-high quality is what attracts the homeowners the most. The touch of sophistication and elegance added to your spaces can easily grab the attention of your guests – anytime and every time. Hence, due to these characteristics and advantages offered, Maxzzz curtains become a great choice for homeowners.


Now that we know the importance of sleeping and resting in our daily schedule, we definitely can assure the necessity of blackout curtains in a home. Regardless of their true function, these curtains also help in creating a specific dark and daring aura in space – hence, proving to be elegant and modern. They are usually made of a tightly woven material that makes the curtains extremely thick for the windows.

Blocking away unnecessary light will improvise your sleeping patterns and get you into a good everyday habit. From material specifications to the size and shape of the window, it is important to purchase a curtain that is accurately estimated to cover the elevation of the window completely so as to not leave even a tiny space for incoming natural light.

Maxzzz curtains precisely worship the concept of human wellness. By adopting these eco-friendly techniques, we are aiming to provide the products with the utmost superior quality while still maintaining the aesthetical beauty. And that is why the clients admire these products in which they constantly find satisfaction in. So, are you ready to incorporate the blackout curtains to get a good time to sleep? Well, you can get in touch with one of our professionals or leave a comment below so one of us could contact you. Your dream blackout curtain is right around the corner!

From over 36 years now Maxzzz has helped people all around the world get spectacular sleep. By providing our customers with comfortable, supported sleeping aids we hope to encourage good sleep on a global scale. Mattress by mattress, topper by topper, pillow by pillow, we’re sharing the joy of good sleep with everyone who needs it.

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