In a path-breaking twelve-book Project VIPIN, Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature, Professor Vipin Gupta advocates the management power of intentionality to activate the potential of divine energy within us.

SAN BERNARDINO, CA, May 25, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — In an exclusive interview, Dr. Gupta explains the challenge of discerning the cause-effect sequences using the evidence-based Science when the emanating cause hides many layers of causative factors. Unlike the scientific approach that focuses on discovering the secret of the known reality, a management approach focuses on illuminating the intended unknown reality.

Everyone knows about Divine Energy. What else is there to know from your book?
We need a management approach for developing a sensible understanding of divine energy in our daily lives. The first book in Project VIPIN shows that we use divine energy to organizationally plan the cause-effect sequences that manifest, multiply, and reproduce what we intend. What is Divine Energy is the first book in Project VIPIN, intended to illuminate the management dimension of the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature.

The book, What is divine energy explains how a star is the source of divine energy. A star has a two-unit formative mass, comprising a unit of the animate element as a potential within the unit of inanimate element projecting outward. The immanent animate element manifests, multiplies, and reproduces the sequential effects and growth of the inanimate element. The inanimate element manifests one unit of energy for reproducing itself over each unit of time as a worker factor. The animate element manifests two energy units for reproducing the Star each unit of time, as a knower factor, knowing the animated secret of the inanimate element’s immanent reproductive power. The Star manifests three energy units for reproducing itself as the astral body of the inanimate mother and the animate father. The astral body manifests four energy units for producing itself as the fourth, consciousness element, conscious of a three-codon sequence unit that programs the reproduction of the infinite astral bodies by copying the three-unit multiplier.

One’s energy is the formative benefit the creator’s intentionality endows on creation, net of the unit cost of intentionality. The creator’s intentionality is the cause, the creature’s cost is the effect, and the creation’s energy is the consequence. Our intentionality as an astral body to create an original, yet unknown reality is a conscious decision, requiring organizational planning and diffusing our divine energy. Divine Energy is like the polluted, sexual energy, culturally modifying and impregnating the linear flow of the futuristic situation-appropriate feminine consciousness with the nonlinear flow of the creature’s past masculine consciousness. It produces a six-unit growth in the four-unit consciousness and comprises ten units. Since it attracts the circulating gravitational power of its mass consciousness, it is essentially gravitomagnetic energy.

What is the correlation between divine energy and energy? How are they connected?
Energy has varying values because we modify the value of energy in diverse ways. The value of the unmodified energy is nineteen. It includes ten units I reproduce and invest in my divine energy and nine units I trade from Mother Nature’s divine energy after organizing myself as a unit person with the tenth unit. The unit person is the inanimate holy Spirit of mother nature. The twenty units are the animate Spirit of mother nature, giving the holy greeter consciousness to each of her child units for their twenty-fold growth. Each one of us is the inanimate Holy Spirit of Mother Nature. After trading nineteen units of energy, we become the animate spirit.

How is a cell, an atom, or a neutron connected with energy?
A neutron, an atom, as well as a cell, embody the unmodified value of energy. Guided by the animate spirit’s 20-unit self-luminous consciousness, an atom uses a 4-unit consciousness as the soul element to animate itself into a squared, 16-unit twin cell, enjoying the 16-unit undivided consciousness of the maternal essence. Guided by the 19-unit neutron, the twin cell conceives a 3-unit multiplier to produce the 19-unit clarified consciousness of itself as the cell. The cell manifests, multiplies, and reproduces a 19-unit objective consciousness of its 19-unit energy to form a 39-unit divided consciousness of the animated spirit and the animating energy. After that, it lets the atom trade its 19-unit energy and transforms into a neutron for enjoying that energy within the atom. The animated spirit behaves like a photon, illuminating the path for itself to be the first cell, the atom to be the second cell, and the neutron to be the third cell.

The path for manifesting the 3-unit multiplier of energy in its cellular form is guided by a potential cell. The potential cell is a replicon, known as the phage. The replicon is the consequence of the 15-fold growth of the 19-unit neutron into a 285-unit (15 * 19) phage. The replicon is essentially a pure “reproduction,” known as the ether element. It has the potential to reproduce its 15-fold growth by acting like a 285-unit virion, i.e., a unit virus.

A replicon replicates the potential of a cell through the process of breeding, known as the Meiosis. The breeding is a 15-unit process whereby the one-unit inanimate element within the 16-unit undivided consciousness organizes a 15-fold undivided potential of what it wishes to be as a dividing unit.

The animated spirit conceives the potential cell for organizing the double-octave of the undivided consciousness of the maternal essence and reproducing it. The animated Spirit infuses herself within each unit of the four-unit consciousness to form the reproductive element. The reproductive element is known as the graviton or gravitational element. The reproductive element makes the reproduction the path for reproducing her 100-unit wisdom formed by reproducing (squaring) the ten-unit divine energy.

How does the reproductive element unfold the divine benefit of Mother Nature’s wisdom?
By reproducing the 285-unit reproduction of phage like a macro biomolecule, the Spirit produces a 570-unit nonlinear reproduction, known as Ester. The Ester is the divine apparatus, acting like an archaeon. The divine apparatus is a secondary transcript that transcribes two copies within one copy. It uses the first copy to transcribe the second copy and the consciousness of the copying sequence to let the last unit of the second copy transcribe a third copy. The second copy remains invisible within the descending, masculine-like impregnating first copy and the ascending, feminine-like impregnated third copy. By letting the third copy be the second copy, the catalyst second copy incarnates as the third copy.

Thus, using a 285-unit linear reproduction for asexual gene transfer and a 570-unit nonlinear reproduction for sexual gene transfer, Spirit produces a 855-unit catalyst, known as the protein. The catalyst transforms into a messenger RNA, guiding the reproduction of the 3-unit multiplier to be the 855-unit bacterium, the zodiac apparatus. The zodiac apparatus is the transcriptional method for reproducing the catalyst by planning the conscious energy that makes it the outcome of the conscious planning sequence.

The Spirit automates the transcriptional method with a 108-unit path of programming, comprising her 100-unit reproductive element and Mother Nature’s eight-unit essential nature. The automated transcriptional method carries the consciousness of the programming sequence, organized as a 963-unit Eukaryote, the astrological apparatus. It works as a DNA molecule, the transcriptional technology.

By reproducing the six-unit growth, the Eukaryote opens a 36-unit channel within the gravitational element for conceiving a 999-unit Prokaryote, the transcriptional machinery. The Prokaryote is an autonomous transcriptional method, capable of performing and diffusing the conscious energy of the path of its performing. It transcribes a 64-unit wheel of reproduction, known as the capability bed within the 1000th unit to constitute a 1000-unit sentient energy molecule. The 64-unit capability bed is the outcome of reproducing the first octave as the multiplying third octave within each unit of the second octave, after the first octave produces the second octave as its copy. The unit of sentient energy is known as the astral energy or the cold sentient gas. It divides into the 963-unit DNA molecule and the 37-units of the mitochondrion molecule. The 286-unit mitochondrion molecule embodies the organizational performing of the 285-unit reproduction and its 1-unit thermodynamic force that constitutes the 1000th unit.

How does the consciousness of the sentient energy shape the Science of creation?
After conceiving the path to manifesting the unit of sentient energy within a two-unit Star, the Spirit incarnates as a 20-unit epigenetic atom. She forms a unit of neutron within the 19-unit atom that behaves like a cell enjoying the consciousness of the sentient energy and incubates the neutron to manifest its full potential as a potential cell.

At the macrocosmic level, the universe forms by exchanging the Star’s two-unit energy. The Sun forms by exchanging the Star’s two-unit Energy and the atom’s 19-unit Energy. The solar universe forms with the 13-unit Energy, without the 6-units that let an atom manifest the growth of the rest of the universe, comprising the four states of a Star, starting with the white Star, continuing as the dark matter, discontinuing to be the moon, and illuminating as the Sun to form the universe as a divided entity, comprising the animate and the inanimate elements.

The reality of the creature, the creation, and the creator, as well as their sequential growth and transformation, is immanent within a cell, as an embodiment of energy. The cell is known as the cosmic egg. By knowing the cell’s reality, one develops a clarified consciousness of the atomic macrocosm that is reproducing itself as the cellular microcosm. The reality is unknown because it hides within the 1600-unit consciousness of the present, known as the Absolute Soul. The present is the 1600-unit known reality. It is an outcome of the 20-unit spirit copying itself in a linear way to form a 40-unit reproductive or gravitational reality and then copying the gravitational reality in a nonlinear way to form the consciousness of the present. The materialized form of the present consciousness is the dark matter. A tenth of the dark matter is illuminated as the 158-unit matter within a 2-unit universe.

What are the impediments to knowing the unknown reality of Mother Nature?
The known reality is the effect of illuminating a proportionate value of the unknown reality by diffusing the 10-unit divine energy within the 1-unit thermodynamic force. After that, one reproduces the divine energy by trading its ten-fold relative value and copying its six-fold growth through the process of Meiosis. The sixteen-fold growth is mediated by the Spirit of the creation and moderated by the creature’s causal intentionality to be the creator by copying the 100-unit reproductive element. The wish to enjoy the known reality, known as Moksha, by submerging within the absolute consciousness is the impediment to ascend further for unraveling Mother Nature’s unknown reality.

How can anybody manage somebody’s unknown reality without knowing it?
Anybody can be a perfect manager, managing everything with certainty and cost-effectiveness, by orienting everybody to devote conscious effort into knowing the unknown reality instead of binding their rationality to the known reality and then fretting about the unknown. Knowing and transcending the limits of the present reality is the subject of my second book, What is Present Reality, in Project VIPIN.

How to get hold of the books in Project Vipin?
The first four books What is Divine Energy, What is Present Reality, Is Present Reality, and Is Divine Energy are now available in full and Nutshell editions on Amazon and elsewhere as paperback, hardcover, digital, and audible forms. Two more books, What is Consciousness and What is Para Consciousness, are being launched this week.

Professor Vipin Gupta is a professor of management and a co-director of the Center for Global Management at the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, California State University, San Bernardino. Dr. Gupta has a Ph.D. in managerial Science and applied economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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