Unique pieces and artistic juxtaposition are inspiration anchors of this partnership

VANCOUVER, BC, September 22, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — SwitzerCultCreative now officially represents Jay Miron Furniture. Miron, a retired Canadian BMX athlete who holds multiple world championship and X Games titles and former owner of MacNeil Bikes has made the transition into a new career, designing and building unique furniture pieces.

SwitzerCultCreative’s Partner and Showroom Manager, Adam Bellas said, “It’s an honour to represent Jay Miron’s pieces. His eye for creating unique design combined with his exceptional quality of work sets the bar high. Having his experience as an athlete shows in the passion he demonstrates for his craft.”

Miron’s athletic past has been legendary. In his seventeen-year professional career he won six world championship titles, nine X Games medals and he invented over thirty unique moves including the first ever double back flip on a bicycle. His inspired action has shown through his artistic expression as he works with materials with the same passion and precision that he had shown on the bike. The juxtaposition of art meets creativity with a dose of technique makes his furniture offerings unique. Recently, it has been confirmed that BMX Freestyle will be a sport in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

“I’m super excited to be working with SwitzerCultCreative. Their commitment to quality and their focus on representing high-level designers and craftsmen align perfectly with my goals and the furniture I produce. I’m looking forward to a long and successful partnership.” – Jay Miron

The Orca Chair from Miron’s debut collection will be on display at the upcoming IDS Vancouver from September 28 to October 1.

About SwitzerCultCreative : The SwitzerCultCreative mission is the discovery, promotion, marketing and development of modern, original designs for living.

Through our extensive network of designer showrooms in Canada and the United States we provide the opportunity for a carefully curated grouping of original designer Brands to increase brand recognition and develop their market.

In our new Vancouver Showroom and Gallery we are passionate about showcasing both established Brands and new innovative collections of furniture, lighting, accessories and textiles. Our vision for our flagship showroom is to provide the opportunity for designer Brands new to Vancouver and western Canada to flourish and grow.

Our client services team under the leadership of Adam Bellas places the highest value on customer focused relationships where the satisfaction of our clients is the highest priority.

We strive to offer a carefully curated grouping of home furnishings that are of high quality, authentic design in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

In the same way that we care about the food we eat, who grows it and whether it is organic or not, we place the highest importance on knowing every detail of the products we promote.

– We know how the items are made and finished
– We know the creator and builder of the products
– We know the materials used in the furniture, lighting and accessories
– We know the products are environmentally sustainable

The SwitzerCultCreative goal is to provide home furnishing products that help people create personal environments that provide peace, tranquility and positive energy – while ensuring high-quality products that are eco-conscious.

About Jay Miron Furniture: I design and build bespoke furniture in Vancouver, Canada. Designing and building furniture is more than a job or a career to me. It’s a way of life. I’m constantly exploring new ideas and taking inspiration from everything around me. I love the creativity of designing, the physicality of working the wood by hand, and the challenge of merging the two to make a functional and beautiful piece. High-level woodworking takes discipline. The skills must be learned from a master and constantly worked at to improve. You can often follow the line of teachers back several generations. I am grateful to have received my training under Robert VanNorman, learning the Krenovian style of woodworking at his Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking. Robert learned this style from the legendary James Krenov, who himself studied under the great Carl Malmsten. I am proud of the knowledge I have received, passed down from these great masters, and work hard every day to further and continue their legacy. I have a huge appreciation for wood and the trees that supply it. Trees are one of the earth’s most important natural resources; they provide the air we breathe, clean our air and water, provide habitat for countless animal species, prevent soil erosion, provide food, cool us with shade, and generally make our world a more beautiful place. Because my craft is founded in this invaluable resource I feel a huge responsibility to do the very best work I can in a sustainable fashion.

On top of my technical training as a furniture maker, I’m currently working toward an education in Interior Design. This has been advantageous in helping me work with clients, architects, and designers to place my furniture within an overall concept of a space.

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