The up-and-coming Houston Seminary hosted another Christian Leadership Conference, bringing together many Christians in a kind and intellectual discussion about the End Times.

HOUSTON, TX, May 19, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Zion Christian Seminary recently held its highly anticipated 4th Christian Leadership Conference (CLC) on Saturday, April 29, 2023. The conference, which centered around the theme of “The End of the Age: Understanding Matthew 24 and Teaching about the Signs,” featured three distinguished panelists who delivered insightful speeches on the topic.

Drawing a diverse audience of 40 individuals, including pastors and church members, the CLC provided a unique platform for attendees to gain valuable perspectives and engage in a thought-provoking Q&A discussion on the subject of the End Times as described in Matthew 24. The event aimed to deepen participants’ comprehension of the prophetic message and foster a sense of unity among Christian leaders.

One of the esteemed panelists, teaching pastor Julie Hollis, emphasized the significance of grasping the true meaning behind the prophecies outlined in Matthew 24. Another prominent speaker, Bible instructor Gregory Scott, offered practical examples to aid in comprehending and interpreting the prophecy, enabling individuals to prepare for the end times. Lastly, Pastor Jason Paul Fields highlighted the importance of living a faithful life, drawing inspiration from the Bereans and urging attendees to seek understanding and take appropriate action in accordance with Matthew 24.

Beyond the rich discussions and enlightening speeches, the CLC presented an excellent networking opportunity for pastors and church members. Attendees had the chance to expand their understanding of the signs associated with the End of the Age while forging meaningful connections with other Christian leaders. The success of the conference aligns with Zion Christian Seminary’s commitment to fostering unity among believers, reflected in their slogan, “WE ARE ONE!”

Looking ahead, Zion Christian Seminary is gearing up to host another significant event. On Saturday, May 27th, at 10 AM, they will be holding a conference on the topic “Role of Christian Leaders in the Church.” This upcoming conference, driven by a shared desire to unite Christians and leaders as one, will be offered free of charge. It warmly welcomes all Christian leaders and believers interested in attending. To RSVP for this enlightening event, please contact [email protected] or scan the provided QR code.

In summary, the 4th Christian Leadership Conference organized by Zion Christian Seminary proved to be an invaluable experience for attendees. It provided an enhanced understanding of the End Times while fostering stronger Christian networks among pastors and church members. The upcoming conference on the role of Christian leaders promises to be another enlightening event for all those interested in deepening their faith and leadership skills.

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