Pennsylvania is a state in America with strict rules against illicit possession of drugs and other chemical substance. These rules were formulated in a bid to put an end to the menace of drug addiction in the state.

Report from trusted source states that, in 2017, 15 out of every 1000 babies in Pennsylvania were born addicted to the drug; these numbers are incredibly on the rise. Which is why more effort is made by the government and other agencies to put an end to this menace?

Rehab centers are touted as the most worthy solution to this problem .lucky enough, Pennsylvania has a good number of rehab centers dedicated toward this call, with good numbers of this centers striving to contribute their own quota in saving the society fro the problem of addiction.

Their fight against addiction cannot be ignored, which is why we have come up with a list of some of the best pennsylvania rehab centers.


Gateway rehab center provides treatment to people suffering from long-term cases of addiction, as well as substance abuse. Located around Pittsburg, the gateway provides services which have proven to be effective in restoring a countless number of individuals from the menace caused by drugs. Their purpose is in ensuring irrevocable recovery treatment to addicted individuals through relapse prevention.

For years, the gateway has maintained its status as the leading non-profit oriented treatment center in Pennsylvania through the hard work of their dedicated staffs. Their inpatient and outpatient program along with detox services are accredited under the joint commission.

Special programs are offered to deaf and hearing impaired people. Treatment approach ranges from behavioral therapy, substance abuse counseling to dialectical behavioral therapy.


Greenbriar is a new rehab center established in 2014 with the aim of providing quality drug and alcohol recovery programs.

Despite being in operation for just 4 years, Greenbriar is already making waves for the right reasons, as their facilities are widely known for rendering top-notch service to its patient. This facility is set up to treat a limited number of people in a beautifully serene environment.

Their detox program lasts from 3-7 days only, with consideration for alcohol addicts, drugs, and substance prescription victims.

Gateway inpatient programs are organized to accommodate up to 62 patients.


Most addicts crave for a chance to turn their lives around, most time wishing they can go back in time to correct their mistakes. They wish to become useful to themselves and the society in general, all they want is a chance to put their life back on the right track

This is the vision behind alpha house creation, true to their motto which is ” building new beginning”, the alpha house has provided support through their facilities to addicted individuals to begin their life on a fresh page. This center gives individuals the tools needed to leave a life free from alcohol, drug and substance dependence.

Gateway is an adult rehab center which uses a wholesome approach to patient’s recovery at this center, patients are trained to abandon their life of shame and regret created by their addiction.


Bradford recovery center combines program that treats people suffering from substance abuse addiction, and mental health disorder.

The vision of Bradford center is to offer quality and effective treatment to people suffering from addiction, with a team of dedicated staffs who will stop at nothing to see that the needs of their patients are met. This facility is under the care and management of competent hands who are specialist in their fields. Their commitment has earned them a seal of approval from the joint commission owing to their effort in ensuring a drug-free environment.


MRCP is a physical rehab center caused which specializes in treating traumatic injuries. They’ve been in the business of creating adequate care for 40 years, with programs ranging from physical therapy to physiatry consultation.

This facility uses advanced technological approach towards recovery, as every patient’s recovery journey is carefully monitored to avoid any complications which may hinder the individual’s recovery. Their mission is to restore parity to individual’s life which may have been lacking due to their disorder.