Zero Leakage DRAM Cell

PORTLAND, OR, March 08, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — BeSang Inc., a pioneer in monolithic 3D IC technologies in Portland, Oregon, introduces “Zero Leakage DRAM Cell” technology, a disruptive DRAM technology which completely shuts down access transistor leakage currents and, therefore, could enable ultra-small DRAM cells down to single digit nanometer feature sizes. It integrates another simple feature to the access transistor in order to ultimately eliminate leakage currents through the access transistor.

“The bottle neck of DRAM cell scaling has been the feature size of the storage capacitor because it is required to store a certain amount of charges due to the leakage current through the access transistor. Now DRAM cell is free from this limitation and could be drastically reduced in size if it is combined with Zero Leakage DRAM cell technology,” states Sang-Yun Lee, CEO of BeSang Inc. “I believe this is the most notable invention for DRAM since the inception of 1T-1C DRAM cell.”

“Zero Leakage DRAM Cell” technology is available through IP licensing from BeSang Inc.

BeSang is a fabless semiconductor company developing high-density and ultra-low cost semiconductor memory products and technologies along with IP development. The BeSang is headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. Additional information is available at

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