Dating app, Censio, will close at the end of July after failed attempts to secure funding.

CULVER CITY, CA, July 20, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — With considerable regret, Cyr Mongo, co-founder and CEO of Censio, is closing down his dating app on July 31. The app has been active since October 2018; at the time of its launch, it was a disruptive influence in the industry, being the first such app to offer users the opportunity to run comprehensive background checks on prospective dates. Unfortunately, despite its innovative nature, Censio has survived for almost three years without any outside funding, apart from an initial investment of $25,000 from a friend.

“This app was groundbreaking three years ago, and still is,” says Mongo. “Censio was the first dating app to give users an option to protect themselves from sexual predators by running a background check, based on facial recognition, before going on an in-person date.”

Additionally, the app offered video date options and linked with Open Table to enable users to book their dates. Other features were the ‘Love Couch,’ a safe space where users could share experiences and get advice from other singles; ‘Book Interface,’ generated by Censio’s AI to introduce potential matches, telling the unique story of each single individual; and ‘Voice’, Censio’s Alexa skill, which allowed users to interact vocally with the app. There was also an opportunity for users to provide feedback on dates. While other dating apps have since offered some of these features, Censio was the first.

Mongo and his team have decades of experience between them; Mongo has more than 25 years of experience in digital and mobile technology while his partners are also highly experienced in their fields. Chief matchmaker Carmelia Ray has more than 28 years of experience as a matchmaker, during which time she facilitated 7,000 matches, and CTO Wellington Moreno has published multiple apps across Apple and Google App stores. Despite having talks at an advanced level with industry leaders, and being selected for Shark Tank, Censio is sadly still without funding and will therefore cease operations and close down all of its online presence at the end of July.

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