LED powering solution provider and a chip on board (COB) LED manufacturer pair up to give dimming systems more control and flexibility.

HONG KONG, November 01, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — GRE Alpha, an LED accessories innovator and manufacturer, will be partnering with Citizen Electronics Co., a COB LED manufacturer. This move marks a big step for the Hong Kong-based GRE Alpha, which extends not only its reach into the Japanese market, but will also allow both companies to market their jointly produced products around the world.

GRE Alpha focuses on providing modular LED accessories that can be integrated with new or existing LED technology; Citizen Electronics has become known for their environmentally-friendly COB LED technology. GRE Alpha sees Citizen Electronics as the perfect partner for their modular products.

“GRE Alpha’s modular powering solutions approach enables users to quickly adopt and add functionality to their lights, where this was previously not possible,” says Richard Fong, Director at GRE Alpha. “Citizen’s COBs with GRE Alpha’s LED drivers and lighting control modules gives users more control and flexibility in adopting various dimming systems, such as DALI, EnOcean and color tuning.”

GRE Alpha’s modular approach, combined with Citizen Electronics’ environmentally conscious approach to LED lighting, could result in greener, more effective lighting for the Japanese market and beyond. For example, GRE Alpha’s patented Easy Install LED Driver could be paired with any of Citizen Electronics’ COB Series High Intensity products. Furthermore, GRE Alpha’s dimming modules could be paired with any of Citizen Electronics’ LED offerings to create a dimmable, environmentally-friendly lighting solution.

GREAlpha’s dimming modules, the only ones with built-in wiring compartments, allow users to easily upgrade non- dimmable COB products into dimmable COB products that support TRIAC/ DALI/ DMX / wireless and more. When paired with products from the CITILED COB Series the end result produces luminous flux from a 10W incandescent bulb to a 300W mercury lamp in general lighting sources.

With Citizen Electronics already having a firm foothold in Japan and around the globe and GRE Alpha becoming well-known for their modular products with offices in Hong Kong, Japan and North America, the future looks bright for these two LED experts.

About GRE Alpha

GRE Alpha Electronics, Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of solid-state lighting power supplies and lighting control accessories which are the lifeblood of indoor and outdoor LED lighting systems. Unlike many in the LED industry, GRE Alpha focuses on a modular approach. Their products can be used either in conjunction with existing systems, or with new setups.

With more than two decades of power conversion expertise and a commitment towards innovation, GRE Alpha engages with industry pioneers to deliver highly efficient, installation-ready, and agency-approved LED power conversion products for a wide variety of industry applications.


About Citizen Electronics Co.

Citizen Electronics Co. is a worldwide maker of COB LED technology. Citizen Electronics can trace their roots to 1970, the result of a merger between Citizen Watch Co. and Bulova Watch Company, Inc. They have since become known for their economically-friendly COB LED technology, and have worldwide distribution.


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