Enhancing suite of advanced software solutions helping patients and practices manage chronic disease

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 09, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Health tech innovator, Medsien launches new Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program. The team at Medsien has added RPM services to their advanced platform delivering high quality, cost-effective care to patients using highly specialized software systems integrated with providers, practices and the patient electronic health record (EHR). Remote patient monitoring continuously tracks patients’ important vitals using cellular-connected devices and keeps providers informed of important changes and trends.

Already delivering one of the most unique and advanced software and staffing hybrid remote care platforms in the industry, Medsien is expanding its services to help more practices integrate sophisticated, seamless and cost effective remote monitoring into their care management goals. The company anticipates great growth in this area as the demand for high quality, well integrated RPM increases.

The RPM program launch is an opportunity to parlay Medsien’s already established successful services in this market. Medsien has the most comprehensive RPM solution, designed to maximize patient engagement; and providing a comprehensive RPM platform that removes barriers and simplifies implementation, adoption and support of the program – all to ensure long-term success for practices and significant improvements to patient’s health. Medsien partners with practices to rapidly implement a successful RPM program for each organization.

RPM programs allow providers to have real time, secure access to patients’ important vitals in order to monitor their health more closely and understand their health trends. Consistent monitoring of patients chronic health conditions – with immediate, real time data – leads to quick intervention if necessary. This brings up the quality of care, improves clinical effectiveness and efficiency, increase patient engagement, and reduces healthcare costs.

The key to a successful RPM is Medsien’s fully cellular connected devices — provided to patients at no cost by Medsien — integrated software platform and scalable staffing. This approach creates new potential revenue streams and increases patient satisfaction. Medsien’s intelligent software automates billing, tracking and reporting; system reminders; and includes automated supply delivery and 24/7 support. Medsien’s specialty in highly sophisticated turnkey solutions makes it easy to get started immediately with no upfront costs to providers. Visit https://www.medsien.com/remote-patient-monitoring for more information.

Medsien is the leading provider of turnkey remote programs, with some of the most advanced software and most successful solutions in the industry. Medsien is a venture backed health technology company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. https://www.medsien.com/

Medsien is a comprehensive clinical monitoring platform that can enable the rapid implementation of successful remote care solutions for practices of all sizes. Using their unique hybrid software and staffing models, Medsien creates a scalable implementation of valuable remote care services to patients – with no upfront costs or incremental administrative burden. With its intelligent software platform and network of certified medical assistants, Medsien provides an opportunity to intelligently increase revenue for practices while simultaneously improving outcomes and reducing costs.

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