The Almighty Smart Bluetooth Touch Controller, LitZERO

NEW YORK, NY, October 18, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Smart devices really make our lives easier, but they can cause back pain or promote incorrect posture from a long period of use. Also, users might feel quite uncomfortable when trying to control each device separately. Recently, ‘LitZero,’ the smart Bluetooth touch remote controller, has announced its launch on Kickstarter. The device allows users to solve all the inconveniences from multiple devices with a single touch.

LitZero is the perfect alternative for a smart controller, mouse, and presentation controller that are all inconvenient to utilize and carry around. The device is compatible with every smart device with Bluetooth connectivity. It allows users to “touch & swipe” LitZero without actually touching the controller. Its soft/delicate and quick responding touches have already satisfied the public’s expectations.

LitZero is equipped with 5 different modes: Mouse& Mouse Pointer Fixation Mode, Multimedia Mode, E-book Mode, Page Mode, Lab Mode. The Multimedia mode was designed for users to use while enjoying some music while camping or listening to music while working out and answering a phone call. The E-book Mode was designed to help users flip through their pages, and the Lab Mode is mapped with a directional function and a mouse cursor. LitZero is optimized to be utilized in various functions and situations.

LitZero’s Bluetooth connection can reach up to 15M, allowing users to control their smart devices from a distance. It can also control the volumes of wireless earbuds and act as a camera shutter as well. If the user owns more than one device, LitZero has got them covered by allowing them with a maximum of 8 devices for pairing.

Most of all, our lives are closely intact with smartphones’ core functionalities. When users receive a phone call, they can answer or ignore a phone call without directly touching their phones. Also, LitZero alarms the user when their smart devices get dropped or left behind with its anti-theft function. If the user has lost LitZero, LitAPP’s searching function has got the users covered.

For more details, please visit LitZero’s official Kickstarter campaign page.

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