Smart IT and MEDvidi has partnered to develop a telemedicine platform for primary care and mental healthcare. MEDvidi is set to unite US patients, doctors, and medical clinics with on-demand healthcare services.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 08, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The global health crisis of 2020, became the impetus for the creation of innovations in the field of Healthcare.

On the initiative of MEDvidi, the Smart IT team has developed a telemedicine platform from scratch, which daily connects hundreds of US patients, doctors, and medical clinics by One-click virtual visits. On top of primary care, MEDvidi works with many Mental Healthcare providers and allows them an easy and more sustainable way to provide patient care.

MEDvidi software platform is a cloud-based solution. The platform helps to increase access to mental healthcare for every patient. At the same time the solution offers a safe, efficient, and easy to implement care delivery option for providers, helping them in diagnostics of such conditions as ADHD/ADD, OCD, Anxiety disorders, Depression, Bi-polar disorders, etc.

The platform opens up unique opportunities for doctors such as:

A custom healthcare CRM system, Health record management, Patient monitoring, Shift-based task distribution, send text messages or online chats in real-time, and share medical images.

MEDvidi provides such options as video, voice, and chat appointments for its patients. The platform has a notification system to remind a person of an appointment with a doctor. Moreover, MEDvidi is fully integrated with payment and billing services.

Medvidi telemedicine platform follows specific safeguards and security standards for electronically protected health information per HIPAA Security Rules. The MEDvidi is more than just a secure video call to a doctor. The Smart IT team is currently working on a native mobile application for doctors and patients, as well as insurance claim management and pharmacy network integrations.

“There has never been a more important time to provide reliable and efficient healthcare. Today, the use of telemedicine is becoming more widespread as technology advances at an unprecedented rate. We wanted to develop a telemedicine platform that serves people’s needs and can make healthcare more human through personalized communication. We are delighted that Medvidi is improving communication between patients and doctors at all stages of the service,” said Vasili Razhnou, CEO of MEDvidi.

“Technology has become one of the most essential elements in a holistic healthcare management system. Over the years, our telemedicine solutions have been refined to fit any medical workflow efficiently. Applying my decades of knowledge in developing healthcare products for the benefit of thousands of people is an exciting journey,” said Alex Kulitski, Smart IT CEO, Co-founder, and CTO at MEDvidi.

About Smart IT.
Smart IT was founded on trust. Over the years Smart IT has worked with fitness coaches, pharma companies, and healthcare startups to deliver innovative solutions that disrupt the market.

The company has vast expertise in healthcare app development, with thousands of people around the world using our solutions daily.

About MEDvidi.
MEDvidi is a telehealth platform that unites US patients, doctors, and medical clinics with on-demand healthcare services delivered online. MEDvidi was envisioned as a telehealth platform that would unite US patients, doctors, and medical clinics with on-demand healthcare services delivered over the internet.

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