Newly formed alliance will serve to expand cloud database security options for managed services customers

ROCHESTER, NY, March 04, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — SecureCloudDB, the leader in public cloud database security today announced its partnership with leading provider of cloud migration and managed cloud services, Logicworks, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner. The partnership between SecureCloudDB and Logicworks provides additional cloud database security options for managed services customers.

Logicworks helps customers migrate, run, and operate mission critical workloads on AWS and Azure with security, scalability, and efficiency baked in. Their innovative Cloud Operations Platform combines world-class engineering talent, policy-as-code, and integrated tooling to enable customers to confidently meet compliance regulations, security requirements, cost control, and high availability – minimizing the need to incur costs associated with operating a cloud center of excellence: headcount, training, platform automation, tooling, etc.

SecureCloudDB provides data security intelligence when organizations are migrating from on-premises data centers to the cloud and dramatically improves public cloud database configuration management and monitoring when in the cloud.

Logicworks will offer SecureCloudDB tooling to assist customers in meeting their data security and compliance requirements. SecureCloudDB provides answers to questions such as “Are databases configured incorrectly and how can I eliminate vulnerabilities? How can I ensure proper access controls and know who is accessing data? IS there suspicious activity within my account?” The partnership is designed to help customers reduce risk and enable additional protection of their public cloud databases.

“Our Managed Services Platform combines the maturity, technical excellence, and software tooling necessary to protect sensitive data on the cloud” said Ken Ziegler, CEO of Logicworks. “With our partnership with SecureCloudDB, our customers have access to innovative solutions to enable greater security of public cloud databases.”

“This partnership underscores the alignment of Logicworks’ and SecureCloudDB’s commitment to ensuring organizations are best positioned to keep valuable data safe.” SecureCloudDB CEO and Founder Aaron Klein noted. “We look forward to working with Logicworks to provide security and compliance assurance for their customers’ public cloud databases.”

SecureCloudDB software provides a complete database inventory, ensures proper configurations and performs real-time Database Activity Monitoring and alerting in order to build a 360-degree view of vulnerabilities and how to fix them. Users can obtain security risk scores as well as track how their risk profile is evolving. SecureCloudDB supports AWS-managed database services, traditional databases hosted on EC2 instances and on-premises databases to facilitate cloud migrations.

About SecureCloudDB
At SecureCloudDB, we pride ourselves on solving the biggest problem in the public cloud: keeping valuable data safe. At our core, SecureCloudDB operates on innovation – it’s what drives us to deliver cybersecurity solutions with enterprises, auditors and managed service providers in mind. Through our namesake SaaS platform, we deliver cloud database security effectively and noninvasively. Our layered approach includes Foundational and Operational Security, which ensures all database elements are identified and secured while empowering organizations to discover and mitigate threats in real time through Database Activity Monitoring and alerting.

SecureCloudDB was founded by a team of expert software developers and engineers with more than 60 years of experience building and running security solutions. The group is headquartered in Rochester, New York and has offices in Nevada and Washington as well as Argentina.

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About Logicworks
Logicworks has been helping customers achieve operational excellence and compliance on the cloud for over six years. Our innovative platform, dedicated certified engineers, and decades of traditional IT experience combine to enable our customer’s success across every stage of the cloud journey. Companies in regulated industries across healthcare, financial services, and SaaS rely on our compliance expertise and unique combination of maturity and innovation to help them scale securely, automate compliance, and gain efficiencies in private and public clouds.

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