A significant leap forward in meeting productivity and collaboration.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 29, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Versational, a pioneer in AI-powered productivity solutions, announces the launch of its intelligent meeting assistant AI-Ally. Designed to drive complete transformation in the way teams follow-up on meeting issues and tasks, AI-Ally answers any question about each meeting or all your meetings, even those you missed. No need to waste time by typing emails, taking or sending notes, watching recordings or reading transcripts. Get a summary, find out what matters and even find out what the speaker in the meeting thought was important.

AI-Ally sends you notes, highlights, follow-ups that you need following each meeting, automatically. Importantly, you get this information securely without exposing your private information to ChatGPT, Bard or Bing. If you require an answer that doesn’t require confidential information, AI-Ally can find it for you using public LLMs.

What makes AI-Ally so transformative?

Insights from Meetings: AI-Ally goes beyond individual meetings, responding with invaluable insights from each meeting and across multiple meetings. Users gain a holistic view of topics as they emerge over several meetings. You can ask AI-Ally about sales questions, pain points or risks, issues, decisions and just about anything that happened.

Capture Knowledge: AI-Ally captures team and organizational knowledge from all your meetings and calls without requiring any data entry, tagging or extra busy work.

Summarized Recaps: AI-Ally’s powerful technology compresses 60 minutes into 2 minute summaries. You can scan previous meeting summaries and catch up quickly for your next meeting. You can also prepare by reviewing previous action items or questions asked.

Speaker-Specific Prompts and Responses: AI-Ally’s advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities handle a wide range of prompts, including speaker-specific enquiries. Users receive instant answers and personalized responses tailored to their specific meeting context.

Universal Compatibility: AI-Ally works seamlessly with any meeting, call, podcast, conference session recording in Versational. This includes native integrations with Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom or Versational mic recordings made from your browser.

“AI-Ally is a powerful new AI assistant that can help businesses reduce meetings, capture knowledge, and keep everyone in the loop. It’s a significant leap forward in productivity and collaboration,” said Geof Baker, CEO & Co-Founder. The recent beta release of AI-Ally and now its launch this month at the University of Edinburgh’s flagship Fintech conference – Economics of Financial Technology 2023, marks a significant milestone for Versational. By harnessing the power of generative bots, AI-Ally protects precious team time by reducing the need to attend every meeting. AI-Ally captures organizational knowledge and enhances collaboration. By using private LLMs, AI-Ally helps to prevent leaks of sensitive information, and improves response accuracy in keeping stakeholders informed. AI-Ally helps professionals thrive in the new AI era, saving time and generating content, narratives and reports to empower professionals across a variety of organization functions to perform at higher productivity levels.”

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