Experience luxury at its finest in Kinosaki

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 09, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — As a Michelin-acclaimed hot spring town boasting streets lined with historic architecture and lush willow trees, it comes as no surprise for Kinosaki Onsen to also possess some of Japan’s most luxurious hot spring town experiences for guests yearning for a traditional and tranquil stay in the countryside. From private spa houses to sparkling wine, Kinosaki Onsen’s finest inns are sure to satisfy guests’ getaway cravings before sending them off with a smile (and just the right amount of longing to come back for more).

Keep reading below for some of Kinosaki Onsen’s most lavish overnight experiences.

Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei’s Private Open-Air Spa
With magnificently designed interiors, private bathrooms, rock saunas and grandiose open-air baths, Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei’s three private spa houses are an essential pillar to curating a lavish stay in one of Kinosaki Onsen’s most luxurious accommodations. Guests spending a night at Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei or Nishimuraya Honkan can choose between the opulent ambiance of a Japanese, Chinese, and Balinese-style interior when booking a one-hour timeslot for an especially indulgent bathing experience. After a dip in the outdoor bath surrounded by lush forest verdure, guests are welcome to help themselves to a glass of sparkling wine and mineral water in the connecting lounge.

Tenbouen’s Hot Stone Spa
A favorite with young travelers, Tenbouen is a mother and daughter-run inn tucked away in the northern part of Kinosaki Onsen. The friendly staff welcomes female guests to take a rest in their private hot rock spa. With no reservations required, guests can relax their body and mind either in a barleystone chair or directly on the geranium ore floor while lying down against the heated stones. Guests are also encouraged to consider a private rose petal bathing experience available by reservation at check-in.

Koyado Enn’s Tajima Beef Concept Room
Equipped with all the modern luxury essentials ranging from a massage chair to a 50-inch flatscreen TV, Koyado Enn’s newest addition to their guestroom lineup delivers a Kinosaki-exclusive funky flair with a mod-art sculpture of the region’s beloved bovine, the Tajima cow. Tajima cattle, the roots of Kobe beef, have been praised for their marbled meat and are used in a variety of dishes in Kinosaki Onsen. After a lounging session in the room’s sleek Japanese-style resting space, guests can catch a TV break with their complimentary roommate before catching a Tajima beef dinner at Irori Dining Mikuni.

Mikiya’s Refined Take on Blending the Traditional With the Modern
For artsy guests longing to hone Kinosaki Onsen’s allure and old-world charm into their own creative ventures, a stay at the historic Mikiya can’t be beat. As the Kinosaki accommodation of choice for Shiga Naoya, one of Japan’s most prolific authors, history buffs and creatives alike will find themselves right at home amongst the nostalgic wooden interiors in newly renovated guestrooms. Featuring western- style beds encompassed in Mikiya’s sophisticated Japanese interior design, guests are welcomed with time-honored traditional flair accompanied by modern comforts.

A One-in-Kinosaki Stay at Tokitotoki
Guests can envelope themselves in the town’s lovely outdoor scenery from check-in to check-out with an overnight stay in one of Tokitotoki’s six boutique guestrooms, all meticulously designed with lavish Kinosaki-esque motifs. The “Kagetsu” room located on the third floor is a refined ode to the magic of Kinosaki Onsen under a full moon, providing not only an enchanting window view of Kinosaki’s nightlife, but also bespoke interior decorating, including a willow-accented full moon just above two plush twin beds.

Kinosaki Onsen is a town of time-honored hot springs dating back 1300 years ago. It is home to seven public bathhouses, all located within walking distance of each other and the train station. Guests are encouraged to wear yukata and geta, stroll through the town, and go onsen-hopping.

Toyooka is a downtown area home to the Oriental White Stork, a bird that was revived from extinction in this very town. The city’s efforts restored the Oriental White Stork population, and now over 300 fly the skies of Japan. Toyooka is also known for the Genbudo Caves.

Izushi is the resident castle town, popular for its nostalgic atmosphere of Edo-era Japan. It is home to many interesting attractions such as castle ruins, a samurai house, a kabuki theater, and a clock tower. The town’s specialty is Izushi Sara Soba, buckwheat noodles served in small portions on small plates.

Kannabe is a mountainous area with fun activities year-round. In the winter, one can go skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and sledding. In the warm months, one can go camping, paragliding, fishing, tree climbing, and more. Kannabe is the perfect destination for adventurers.

Takeno is a quaint fisherman town that is a hidden gem among the northern coast of Hyogo Prefecture. The beach has clear, blue waters while the mountains surrounding it offer great hiking opportunities. It is encouraged to stroll through the peaceful town, where one can find small shops and traditional landscapes.

Tanto is a quiet countryside town with magnificent nature—including a giant field of tulips in the spring and brilliant red-leaved trees in the fall.

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