“TEDPoP” Announces Kickstarter Campaign

NEW YORK, NY, May 15, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Existing rooftop tents are expensive when they are high quality, and the bigger they are in size, the more difficult they are to install and move. There is little space for the whole family to lie down in. They are a tough purchase to make due to their high price. With all these obstacles in mind, TEDS, camping-loving experts specializing in the development of advanced camping tents, is claiming the spotlight with “TEDPoP”, the world’s first dual expandable hardshell rooftop pop-up tent.

It offers an enormous space allowing up to 5 people to lay down comfortably at once due to dual expandable panels on both sides of the tent. Compact design of the rooftop tent aligns perfectly with all kind of vehicles: from SUV to larger automobiles.

It offers non-obstructed 360° all-around view that is generally not possible in case of expandable rooftop tents due to their structure. Since there are 2 entrances, you can change the direction of tent entry to any side that you prefer as well.

The windows on all sides create an openness that exceeds regular closed-off tents. The “Star View” ceiling window opens up a beautiful view of the sky and stars. Most of all, TEDPoP fundamentally blocks condensation (where the water vapor in the air forms water drops within the tent due to indoor and outdoor temperature differences) by applying a closed-cell insulator that greatly increases insulation qualities of a tent.

As for the tent flooring panel, the stability of temperature resistance has been improved by using thermally static composition layer which completely blocks out build-up of condensation. On top of that, high-density breathable canvas fabric helps to eliminate condensation as well. Eco-friendly ABS material was especially adopted for this tent, instead of the non-recyclable FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics) that was used previously in rooftop tent products.

The tent’s durability has been reinforced with a high-strength aluminum panel that remains undeformed even under up to 2000 lbs in weight. Unlike other expandable hardshell rooftop tents, TEDPoP’s center of gravity is located in the middle which greatly increases safety and stability. This is achieved through the dual cantilever structure that is similar to the infamous Golden Gate Bridge. The four sturdy shock absorbers are able to support a force and allow natural and soft flexibility in the tent.

In addition to this, accessories such as shoe rack, portable LED room light, and annex room will be available as separate options for convenience. Aside from the above, the streamlined design provides a dynamic stability while minimizing wind resistance.

The 2-year warranty period for free repairs demonstrates the makers’ confidence in “TEDPoP.” Even though it is packed with premium materials, cutting-edge technology, enormous size and multiple improvements over the well-known tent issues, TEDPOP is set at an exceptionally reasonable price which is achieved by cutting down all unnecessary costs.

Additionally, the developers are offering a free shipping promotion (limited to Kickstarter users), which applies to all U.S. regions and depending on volume of backers, Free International Shipping might become available as well.

More details can be found on the official “TEDPoP” Kickstarter homepage.

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