This is a very well known fact that corruption has plagued the world and the poor are the major victims. Despite of the stringent anti-corruption laws, corruption is very much common in India. There are several causes of corruption, like low job opportunities, lack of strict punishments, lack of accountability, and low pay scale.
Every developing country is working to control corruption. It is wide spread in every area be it is health or education. The consequences include – backwardness, poverty, hindrance in development and loss of national wealth. If the countries are to tackle corruption, there is a need to address the issues at grass root level and it is also required to adopt several strategies for uprooting corruption. Narendra Modi gave the catchy slogan, “Na khaunga na khane dunga”.

But now the officers, ministers, every level employee is seemed to have plagued with. Unless ample employment opportunities are provided, and a clean government, chairs the Nation, it might be a herculean task. It might be difficult to uproot corruption completely from every level, however it is quite possible to keep it within limits. Most commonly used way to reduce corruption is – there should be direct dialogue and connection between the government and governed. Other ways are using media, and transparency in every, dealing. All these efforts can only materialize if the Govt. is intent at uprooting the menace.

Handling corruption in India is a massive task, however tackling it mainly depends on nation’s priorities. The General Assembly of United Nations has also demarcated 9th December as International Anti Corruption Day.

Not many organizations too are doing much about this. But what is amazing to know is an organization who is trying, to make sure their disciples are responsible citizens. And that is, Dera Sacha Sauda and its head, Baba Ram Rahim. He took an incredible step in this direction in the year, 2011, and he asked lakhs of his devotees, present in a congregation, to pledge not to offer and accept bribe, and they readily obliged. This not only includes refraining from giving bribes, but also accepting the same. What is surprising that lakhs have pledged for not taking bribes, leave along giving bribes, since then. And these people are too good to be true, followers, making Baba Ram Rahim proud all the way. This small step, can have a ripple effect in Society, and prove to be a great game changer. Only if more, could follow the footsteps of Baba Ram Rahim in such endeavors. An honest person should not close his eyes to corruption nor should he close his ears to corruption, just stop participating.

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