Insight Works Releases Free Import Export PowerTool for Dynamics 365 Business Central Data Migration at Lightning-Fast Speeds.

EDMONTON, AB, May 18, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Insight Works, a leading provider of apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, has announced the release of a new app, the Import Export PowerTool, which provides lightning-fast data migration capabilities to Business Central users – and it’s completely free.

The Import Export PowerTool app is designed to help integrators, consultants, and developers efficiently perform data imports and exports. Unlike RapidStart, which can take a long time to migrate data, Import Export PowerTool performs data imports and exports at lightning-fast speeds, regardless of the volume of data.

“Import Export PowerTool is a free tool that turbocharges data migration tasks and helps integrators, consultants, and developers save time and effort. It’s designed to provide flexibility and speed for those who need to migrate data from legacy systems to Business Central, from sandboxes to production, or from company to company,” said Brian Neufeld, Director of Marketing at Insight Works.

The app was initially released in 2014 for Microsoft NAV and has ranked in the top 100 NAV forum downloads. It has been helping integrators, consultants, and developers efficiently migrate data for almost a decade. Now for Business Central, the Import Export PowerTool app enables users to import and export data easily. It is an ideal solution for businesses looking to move their data quickly and efficiently.

The app’s key features include importing data up to 30+ times faster than RapidStart Configuration Packages, exporting data hundreds of times faster than RapidStart, and using existing Configuration Packages to perform quick exports. The app also allows users to automatically insert specified lot numbers and serial numbers on item journal imports, create record links and notes for new or existing records, bulk edit data quickly and easily, and optionally disable Change Log during imports.

Users will create, store, and execute batches to perform specific tasks such as deleting all item journal lines and serial numbers, importing items, running code to post to the journal, or exporting existing and new sales prices.

The Import Export PowerTool app is now available for free download from the Microsoft AppSource. Visit to learn more.

For integrators, consultants, and developers who need to migrate Dynamics 365 Business Central data, then look no further than the free Import Export PowerTool app from Insight Works. Unlike RapidStart that can take an extraordinarily long time to migrate data, Import Export PowerTool performs data imports and exports at lightning-fast speeds. Stop waiting for data migration and start using data with the Import Export PowerTool from Insight Works.

About Insight Works

Insight Works is an established Independent Software Vendor (ISV) specializing in developing cutting-edge Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central applications. By focusing on end-to-end solutions for manufacturing and distribution industries, we create apps that extend the functionality of Business Central, empowering users to enhance efficiency, productivity, and growth. With a global network of over 400 Microsoft Partners, we can provide unparalleled service and support to clients worldwide while directly catering to end-users.

Headquartered in Canada and supported by remote offices in the United States and the Netherlands, Insight Works has garnered numerous accolades over the past six years for outstanding company growth and commitment to excellence. Our international presence enables us to understand and address the evolving demands of the global market, reaffirming our dedication to offering exceptional value to our customers and partners across the globe. Visit for more information.

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