AAAHC certified Lexington Plastic Surgery practice offers minimally invasive buccal fat removal procedure with stunning, face-slimming results.

LEXINGTON, KY, June 01, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Lexington, Kentucky residents are taking advantage of the face-enhancing procedure known as buccal fat pad removal offered by Lexington Plastic Surgery.

The buccal fat pad, located beneath the cheekbones in the hollow of the cheek, contributes to the appearance of a baby face in adults. The full and round cheeks are due to genetics.

“Diet and exercise tend not to reduce the size of this fat deposit in patients with a healthy BMI,” said Dr. Theo Gerstle, Board-Certified plastic surgeon at Lexington Plastic Surgery in Kentucky. “Buccal fat pad reduction is an effective and safe way to achieve improved bony definition.” Because the buccal pat fad does not fluctuate with diet and exercise, results from the buccal fat removal are permanent, leaving patients with a slimmer and more elegantly defined face.

This minimally invasive procedure doesn’t leave any visible scarring, as the fat pad is accessed from the inside of the mouth through a small incision that heals quickly. Additionally, pain is minimal with discomfort lasting 1-2 days; most patients say it is comparable to a minor dental procedure. Recovery from a buccal fat removal procedure requires three or four days of a soft diet. Patients are advised to wait a week before resuming normal activity and allow 2-3 weeks before swelling minimizes.

There tends to be fewer possible complications with a buccal fat removal procedure when compared to facial liposuction. This has prompted many Lexington residents looking for a facelift alternative to consider the buccal fat removal procedure. “Over 95% of our patients who undergo the procedure found that the cost, pain, and recovery were all worth it in the end,” said Dr. Gerstle.

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