If a plumbing company in a major US metro would like to expand their repipe business, they are welcome to call the Plumbing Pipe Advocate at 866-714-6466. The conversation will include website first impressions-as well as generating more customers.

WASHINGTON, DC, June 26, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — According to the Plumbing Pipe Advocate, “We are one of the best branded sources in the nation for plumbing repipes for residential homeowners and we are urging plumbing companies in major metro areas like Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Seattle and or any other top US city to get serious about repipes involving single family homes. One huge problem we have seen is—-most big city plumbing companies-might mention single family home plumbing repipes-pipe replacement on their website-but they offer very little additional information about why this is such a vital service for a homeowner-and or what is involved.

“Recently we visited the city of Chicago and it’s northern suburbs-where much of the existing housing stock is 50 to 100+ years old-and we had an extremely difficult time finding one plumbing company website that explained why plumbing repipes are needed, and or the process that is required to get a single-family home repipe job done. We also called a few plumbing companies in Chicago and its northern suburbs–and what we heard is-‘sure we will do the repipe—but the homeowner will be responsible for the wall-ceiling drywall-lath-plaster repairs and painting.’ A few companies could not even answer our questions about city-county permits.

“If you are the owner of a plumbing company offering repipe services to single family homeowners-we would strongly suggest—do not take the—’we are just plumbers’ approach. Bid and price the job to include permitting, removal of the existing plumbing pipes, replacement of the plumbing pipes, wall-ceiling repair and paint to match-along with how long the job will take.

“We are also urging the plumbing company offering repipe services to homeowners to be reasonable in their pricing. We have heard from dozens of homeowners in 1950-1960 vintage homes-who have been quoted $20,000 to $35,000 for a residential repipe for homes under 3000 square feet-in many major US metro areas. All we can say is—if the plumbing company wants referrals make the repipe process easy, transparent and as affordable as possible. We are all for profits-but $25,000 for a $7500 turnkey repipe is on the excessive side.” https://PlumbingPipeAdvocate.Com

To recap the Plumbing Pipe Advocate is urging plumbing companies that do residential repipes in major US metro areas to focus in on the following:

* The plumbing company should update their website to include a page focused on repipes- what is involved, what type of plumbing pipe products they suggest-and if possible, a video-or before-after pictures of a residential repipe, along with a comment about the company’s experience doing repipes.

* The plumbing company’s website should also detail their repipe services for single family homeowners-with an emphasis of how long a repipe will take, the permitting process (if applicable), and how vital this service is.

* The plumbing company should have a knowledgeable representative available to meet with a homeowner to prepare a bid-quote that is all inclusive-that includes everything including pipe removal, installation of new pipes, wall/ceiling repair and paint to match, along with permit costs-taxes, etc. https://PlumbingPipeAdvocate.Com

If a plumbing company in a major US metro area would like to expand into residential repipes/pipe replacement or expand their existing repipe business, they are welcome to contact the Plumbing Pipe Advocate anytime at 866-714-6466 for a no obligation conversation. “Our services are affordable-and we know what we are doing.” https://PlumbingPipeAdvocate.Com

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