Fighting the battle for the Lord with song

WASHINGTON, OR, June 22, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Godology stands for everything good in the fight for the Lord with the multitude of songs that has been produced, along with the messages that are embedded within each song. They are fighting for the Lord, thy God and the Kingdom of Heaven against the armies of Satan.

Godology gives everyone who listens to their songs the strength to fight their fights in day-to-day lives against all the struggles that they may face. In their songs they state that being followers of the Lord, thy God no one can bring them down as they have the might of the Lord behind them.

Godology being the voice of the Lord, thy God here on Earth is bringing more and more people into the light of the Lord and away from the deep darkness that clouds most people every day. Through their songs Godology helps those who struggle find the light at the end of the dark tunnel that they are in.

Everyday Godology is the light that guides more and more people out of their holes that have been dug for them by the people around them. The light that comes from Godology is so strong that the devils run whenever they see or hear Godology.

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Godology is a new group all About God, Family Music which has influences that come from the word of The Lord God.

Godology is from Portland, OR, he is a hard worker, motivated, traverse the storm of life, testimony through Jesus. The music right now is hip-hop. Also is a singer/songwriter, but has also produced different styles of music for 15 years. Mostly hip-hop and a little dance music.

“I am not figuring out the direction that I would like to go with this Music Journey.”

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