The growth movement Solid Entrepreneurship is led by Brazilian giant and famous entrepreneur in the franchise segment

LONDON, ENGLAND, April 12, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Three crises involving major banks in little more than a week have shaken markets and raised a red flag among monetary authorities around the globe. Although the crises were localized – balance sheet problems and mass withdrawals by account holders – any crisis in one bank has the potential to contaminate all other financial institutions in the country or even abroad.

This happens because banks lend money to each other – so the collapse of one institution can generate financial problems for the others. Analysts point out that when a sense of fear spreads among account holders of several banks, there could be a mass rush of customers to withdraw their deposits – something that would lead to a broader bankruptcy in the sector, with consequences for all economies.

In addition to bank collapses, solid portfolio swings, cryptocurrency taxation, and other events have caused some instability in the global market, catalyzing some need for a change in strategies by investors, traders, and other financial market players.

One of these outlets has been the entrepreneurship market. New businesses and solid brands have been gaining space in various locations around the world, generating an increase in the rate of new business implementations in scale, as is the case of the European movement led by a large Brazilian franchise holding, a market that moves approximately U$1 Trillion a year.

For the CEO of ATNZO Franchise Co., Lucas Atanazio Vetorasso, “Our movement aims to bring safe entrepreneurship to the world. Investors from various locations have been looking not only for brands or services, but to have the support of a large and experienced team of franchisors in various disciplines such as Marketing, Management, Products, Services, Finance, and many others necessary to achieve the success they want.”

Along the same line, the marketing director of the holding, Eduardo Yamaguchi, states that there are several reasons why the franchise market is a solid option during the crisis period. According to him, “franchises have tested and proven business models, which can help reduce the risk of failure compared to opening a new independent business.”

As changes in the market influence consumer behavior, novelties are being inserted into the market more frequently, making competition increasingly aggressive. With this obstacle in mind, a brand needs to be built strategically. “Franchising is not paperwork, it’s strategy,” according to market leader Atanazio.

Also according to the CEO, “Entrepreneurs and other professionals from European and from North America locations have been making contact with us for some time with the intention of bringing our services and brands to their regions, and this year we felt it was the right time,” referring to the call in the business mound of timing.

The first location strategically chosen in Europe was Portugal. The Bank of Portugal has estimated that the Portuguese economy should grow by 1.5% in 2023, while the ministers of Finance and Economy have admitted that growth will be higher than expected. With this step, the company has begun its European onslaught, initially taking 3 of its brands, Poppys Fast Food, Merilú, and Café Quemel, all in the food segment.

The Merilú franchise was chosen to start its operations in the United States. The leader of the segment and strategist, Atanazio, explains that “Merilú, the Brazilian linguistic term for Mary-loo, takes Brazilian street food to other locations. Delights that we are used to in our country, such as Coxinhas and Brigadeiros, still unknown, at least formally by consumers from various areas of the world.”

For being an attractive sector for entrepreneurs, the franchise market requires knowledge about the risks and concerns related to security, so it is important to be aware of the various strategies that can be adopted to minimize such risks, thus increasing the chances of success. When asked about strategies, Yamaguchi affirms that “market research and cultural understanding are fundamental for the evaluation of the business viability and fidelity of the target audience that will be built.

The speed of change occurs not only in the financial market, but in the consumer market in general, there are changes in behavior that cause novelties to be inserted more and more frequently in the market, and these challenges in the franchise market are considered in scale.

“We know about the global economic instability and the challenges in the country, but that doesn’t scare me. I always say that I am a Captain of the angry sea and, without a doubt, I repeat, this is the perfect time,” concludes the young CEO cited in late 2022 by Paulo Guedes, then Brazil’s Minister of Economy as a “good role model”.

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