Bright colors, light fabrics, and playful prints appear in the majority of this spring’s pieces, with a remarkable degree of imagination coming through. You’ll see all kinds of comeback styles and modern choices to create something for everyone.

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Ann Dishinger and other fashion designers are bringing out all sorts of exciting new pieces to celebrate the arrival of spring – but what can you expect to see in terms of the fabrics and cuts?

In this article, we will check out some top spring fashion trends and explore precisely what Ann Dishinger is playing around with.

What Trends Are Appearing In 2023’s Spring Fashion Design?

Quite a few exciting new changes are appearing this spring. Designers like Ann Dishinger are already forging a new path with fun maxi dresses and accessories to demonstrate your unique, playful style.

The lightweight fabrics that are popular now are ideal for spring and will help you stay at a comfortable temperature no matter what you are doing.

Spring fashion is all about renewal; Ann Dishinger Chicago embraces this with extraordinary enthusiasm in her pieces!

So, what can you expect to see? Some of the following:

Bright colors
Oversized silhouettes
70s-inspired prints
Utilitarian designs
Athletic-inspired clothes

Let’s learn more about these things!

Bright Colors

Bright colors are one of the most important parts of spring. If you love oranges, yellows, greens, and bright pinks, you’re in luck this season because they are a vital part of spring fashion design.

You’ll see a whole explosion of these amazing colors splashed on clothes and accessories, regardless of the style you love.

Oversized Silhouettes

Ann Dishinger isn’t afraid to make the most of oversized silhouettes, which are currently very in style. You’ll see oversized jackets, trousers, and blazers, making it easy to pick up a whole oversized outfit if you want to – or just a piece or two.

Loose-fitting clothing is going nowhere, and many people are glad to see this popular trend continuing into the spring and possibly summer.

70s-Inspired Prints

They say that fashion trends are cyclical, and the 70s is currently gaining popularity, so look out for some retro prints, such as geometric shapes, paisley, and floral.

Utilitarian Designs

Utilitarianism may be different from the first thing you think of when it comes to spring, but it goes well with the oversized trend, and designers like Ann Dishinger are still playing around with zippers and cargo pockets.

Athletic-Inspired Clothes

Sportswear has become a popular clothing option lately, and that trend is continuing this spring. If you’d love some sporty attire like tracksuits and sweatshirts, check out Ann Dishinger’s new spring lineup.


As you can see, Ann Dishinger Chicago and spring 2023 will not disappoint the fashionistas – many styles are packed into cute maxi dresses and oversized blazers. Look out for retro prints, bold colors, and breathable fabrics to reflect the warmer weather. There’s so much choice!

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