U.S. Patent No. 11,860,683 covers Pluralytics’ unique method of matching human values and audience targeting to language patterns, resulting in a predictive scoring and language generation model that increases engagement by 30%

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, January 03, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Pluralytics, a generative AI language solution used by enterprises and small and medium businesses (SMBs) to analyze and write language that resonates with audience values, today announced it has been issued a U.S. Patent for its system for “Benchmarking and Aligning Content to Target Audiences.” The method allows users to predict how well their content will engage audiences and how to consistently write content that deepens audience engagement.

“While other teams transition from legacy NLP to generative AI, we’re focused on disruptive innovation ahead of the curve of large language models, anticipating that a proliferation of LLMs will increase the need to fine-tune raw LLM output with training data not available or easily managed by LLM tools,” said Alisa Miller, CEO of Pluralytics, who was listed as an inventor on the patent alongside co-founders Rick Byrne and Morteza Shahriari Nia. “We find ourselves in good company with the likes of Microsoft and Adobe who also have patents in AI-driven language analysis. We’re excited to be awarded this patent as validation for our unique systems as another part of our moat around our IP that ensures our ability to drive return for our investors and value for our customers and preserves the foundation for our future innovations.”

Pluralytics has seen early Fortune 100 demand as the only generative AI language intelligence and writing assistant used by marketers and other professionals to translate ‘brand values’ into optimal language for target audiences and to precisely understand how well and why their written content resonates with specific demographic segments and reader profiles. The company envisions universal application and simplicity for its language analysis and writing models in applications used worldwide when words matter most.

Unlike other generative AI tools, Pluralytics is built on advanced behavioral science of universal values, based on language that is proven to appeal to consumers, and expressed through its now-patented language modeling and analysis. The company’s unique solution operates within any foundational LLM prompt framework, so users aren’t restricted to a single LLM and do not have to switch to another tool. Anyone using Pluralytics can scale their use of the company’s platform which includes APIs and cloud-based software, knowing they have a trusted responsible AI partner that preserves their security and protects their data from leakage. The company never sells customer data or lets any third parties store or use it to train their models.

About Pluralytics
Pluralytics is an AI-powered language science company. Its ValuesFinderTM SaaS platform and APIs power values-driven communications that connect with audiences. It identifies language patterns and matches them with people’s values by analyzing content across any channel and defining which consumer or employee segments a brand most aligns with — and why. With a focus on scientific precision, it generates language that resonates with more people and delivers measurable increases in engagement, all while ensuring companies maintain their unique brand voice. For more information visit www.pluralytics.com and try our demo.

Developers can access Pluralytics API Playground here: https://insights.pluralytics.com/api-playground

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